(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Almandine is a gemstone, which is fluid, meaning it is brittle, and chips easily, the chips, becomes a wholistic whole, providing an interaction with the base Almandine, while, being perfectly happy to spread its wings, through flaking of itself.

Almandine is a neurological gem, meaning it’s best used within a holder, and placed on the forehead. This gems,helps in the clearing of the mind, through chipping or flaking away, of that, which is wrong, within you. It works over time, and isn’t a fast fix.

Almandine flakes are whole, themselves, and can be used for any number, of subjects, where many, instead of one is needed.

Almandine core, as long as it exists, is best used within yhe home, office, etc., it’s a  gem, which watches over your home, etc., and works against anything, which would come in, an try to chip away, at your idea, of yourself.

Almandine is, also, a therapeutic gem, in that it can be used, to flake off negative thoughts, tapes, etc., as you can accept it doing that for you.

Almandine is a circus gem, meaning, it loves to be out in plain sight, so those who see it, get a flash of fun, expertness, eagerness, and so on, but do not place it in the bedroom, for it likes to be where there is activity, it can flake on, to rid you of negative thoughts, etc.,

Be good to this gem, and it will be good to you!