(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

To put this into perspective, you are a bodymind, a single whole, without any parts, which is the way most philosophies/religions don’t want you to believe or see.

You do things wholistically, meaning what we see as aspects of you, are in fact simply description, of the action taken, not the wholistic movement, which actually funds the participating action.

All our outer actions, which we’ve been taught are parts driven, by how we use our actions, is not true, what is true, you are a single organism- everything you do comes from within the totality of you.

Creative energies, do energies, any energy drawn up out of you, is a holistic, microcosmic energy, which is total in its application, to what needs to be done.

Today, the civilizations of the world, work to maintain, the wrong view of the human, etc. body and mind. They want you to see yourself as a construction of parts, which we draw upon, to live our life. Aspects, parts, are description, of the holistic action, of Microcosmic Bodymind, wholeness and fullness, through individual action.

So, where does your creative energies come from, your bodymind, singly, and what you do with it, is a description, of your creative energies, not the creative energies, themselves.

You have been taught and brainwashed, to believe that your life, body, mind, and actions, only come through a patterning of parts, into an action, based on your understanding you, as a collection of parts, which means your wholeness/fullness, is broken up, and the rest repressed, so you can live a lie- you are simply a collection of parts.

Work on transforming this warped view, to Microcosmic Blessings Crystal White Light.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!