# 43 Uvarovite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Uvarovite is green in color, thus it is used to raise money, to keep funds in tact, growth, and the shimmering Isle of Ireland.

Uvarovite is used to get money, to raise money, to bank money, to be out of debt, to grow your money, and growth of the person, etc., in whatever they’re trying to accomplish.

Uvarovite is the gem of the leprechuans, they use it, to stimulate their treasures, to continue the growth of their people.

Uvarovite is the gem, you want to place in your garden, in your home, in your purse, on your person, wherever you are, or are not.

Uvarovite is, also, the gem of luck, gaming, and the big win.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now.

# 78 Revenge or Justice

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


When someone hurts us, or someone we care about, or love, the natural tendency is to get revenge on that person, etc.

If the person did a criminal act against you, or your loved ones, friends, etc., you want revenge, or you want justice.

The idea of revenge is to make the other feel the pain you’re feeling, or to esculate your reactions, to create pain, for the perpetrator. Justice is the last thing on your mind.

One of the reasons for this, is the paramilitary organizations, across the nation, are showing they’re nothing but criminals themselves, the same goes, for those who back them when they murder someone, especially african-americans. Criminals do not want justice, they want to continue in their chosen field of work, crime.

You cannot trust these paramilitary law and order fronts, for legal murder, by these so called police. They’re nothing but murderers, using the blue brotherhood, to cover up their actions, and help them to stay in power.

Justice is nowhere to be found in the paramilitary agencies across the nation.

What about the courts, lawyers, staff, etc.? Nope, they’re just a criminal agency connected to state and federal governments, which main reason for existing, and staying in existence, is to extort money from the public.

The second reason, for judges wanting to stay of the bench, Power. They cannot be charged for anything they do in the court room. This makes them into egotistical manics, who believe whatever they do is the right thing, because they ruled on it.

No justice in the courtrooms, and a lot of times, they use circumstantial evidence, as if its solid evidence. Circumstantial evidence, has put many innocent people in jail, and some on death row, for a crime they did not commit.

Many district attorneys, say it’s too bad that happens, but they’re there to convict, no matter the lack of real evidence, thus the only way they can railroad the person on trial, is to say, it looks as if he/she did it, even if we have no body, no witnesses.The person is convicted, of a crime they did not commit.

Justice then isn’t found in the state, criminal agencies, but within each of us, who must decide to create justice in our actions, and live a justice life.


May the Microcosmic Force, be with you, here and now!




# 43 Scheelite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Scheelite is a mixture gem; it works best, when used with water, fire, air, wood.

Scheelite is a drawer; it draws things out; so put on hurts, etc. it helps draw out the pain.

Scheelite works well, within the Astological Charts. It draws out what is needed to make the astrological chart, go very deep, into the person’s nature.

Scheelite is a preliminary engagement ring; it helps set up the proposal, by giving the groom, a ring to use, till the real one is needed.

# 77 Forgiveness

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson  ( Zoua; OutRyder )


Forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow, especially, when the one you are to forgive, is a criminal, who hurt a member of your family, etc..

Why should we even consider forgiveness to one who did us wrong?

Hurt, anger, deadliness, etc., all are feelings we go through, when we look at the perpetrator of whatever they did.

These feelings tear apar-t individuals, families, businesses, and so on.

As long as you have these feelings, and don’t do something with them, positive in nature; then the problem and the person or persons, who took advantage of you or someone else close to you, controls you, for you’re investing in him and what was done, rather than working with it, and getting through to the other side.

The pain will probably be there, and we must work it, to get it to understand, we are forgiving those who did wrong to us.

Forgiveness is the spiritual way of holistic health, and good living.

Letting go inspires you to be free and not controlled by outside parties, or criminals.

It releases you, from your overwhelming, need to strike back. Striking back accomplishes nothing, but puts you in as the criminal, or the hurting person.

Be free! Let go! Forgive!

May the Microcosmic Force help you to forgive!

# 42 Iolite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 (  Zoua; the OutRyder )


Iolite is a mercurial gem, in dealing with other gems, and is only recommended, for those who show a repore with it.

Iolite is a gem, which is drawn to all things going fast, disease, running, etc.. It helps slow the speed down, and puts a life energy bubble around the person, etc., until they can get somewhere, where they can be helped.

Iolite is a gem, which doesn’t like negative energy, and is used to keep negativity away, from the person wearing it, the area it’s found in, but it doesn’t play nice with other gems, who may be found in the same area, or on the same person.

Iolite is a loner gem; it works best alone, for it draws in positive energy, and protects the one wearing it, or the area it’s put in.

# 76 What is the Soul?

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 (c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

We are in discussion about the Spirit, but we must, also, look at its reflection, working and guiding the person, etc., in the Spirit’s created life path, for the person, etc..

The Soul is a made to order overseer of the person, in their physical life, and is a guiding, or a demand aspect, of the person’s individual being.

The Soul is created and brought to life, to be the Spirit’s ambassador, to the life form it reflects. This means the Soul carries out the demands of the created life path, for the being, etc., to follow, whether they want to or not.

One of the meditation goals, is to find the Soul, and transform it into Microcosmic Crystal White Light, transposing it into the whole being.

The Soul is a help, and a deadly opponent, when it demands the person, etc., follow the life path the Spirit designed, for this particular life time.

To solve the problem, transpose the Soul, and let it be Microcosmic Crystal White Light, flowing into your whole being.

Now, the middleman or woman is gone;  you deal directly with the Spirit, and its ludicrous life path.

You must take over your own life path; leaving the Spirit’s life path to become Microcosmic Crystal White Light, going back into the whole being.

The Spirit doesn’t mind this event, but will not make it easy, for the person, etc., to do, but it can be done.

Meditation, bodymind movement, consciousness- subconscious – inbetween consciousness and finally the unconscious, which did have a direct path to the Spirit, but now, it has a direct path to the person, it represents.

One of your goals toward mastery of yourself, and your powers, is to free yourself, from the life path created by your Spirit, who sees you able to take care of anything, so designs life paths to reflect this belief.

To be more realistic, you have to free yourself from any design, and live your life here and now.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you hear and now!

# 41 Chatoyant Quartz

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Chatoyant Quartz- it has three kinds: Catseye; Tigereye and Hawkeye;; they’re the occult, paths to master over self- Hawkeye; mystical paths- catsey seer of actions doing, done and to be,, and finally, Tigereye, spiritual strength, and do, action, of spiritual or mundane in nature.

Chatoyant Quartz Catseye, is the seeing/knowing of what’s going around you, through, etheric double and aura, this is the psychic/telepathic eye. It   sees in lines of life energy, flowing up and down, and around the whole bodymind. It sees the spirit world; it can help guide you there and back.

Chatoyant Quartz Tigereye, is the strength of belief, and carrying out what you feel you must do, to be true to yourself. It’s the eye of psychology, seeing the tenants, behind the actions of others, and yourself. If its negative, it helps transform this negativity to positive, and if positive, it helps in carrying out what the bodymind feels it needs to do.

Chantoyant Quartz Hawkeye, is the far sight, seeing what others don’t, moves by signature energy patterns, is the warrior’s eye, and the auric life energy lines, and junctions, which allow you to travel by transplacing yourself, wherever you feel you need to go.

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