(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Chatoyant Quartz- it has three kinds: Catseye; Tigereye and Hawkeye;; they’re the occult, paths to master over self- Hawkeye; mystical paths- catsey seer of actions doing, done and to be,, and finally, Tigereye, spiritual strength, and do, action, of spiritual or mundane in nature.

Chatoyant Quartz Catseye, is the seeing/knowing of what’s going around you, through, etheric double and aura, this is the psychic/telepathic eye. It   sees in lines of life energy, flowing up and down, and around the whole bodymind. It sees the spirit world; it can help guide you there and back.

Chatoyant Quartz Tigereye, is the strength of belief, and carrying out what you feel you must do, to be true to yourself. It’s the eye of psychology, seeing the tenants, behind the actions of others, and yourself. If its negative, it helps transform this negativity to positive, and if positive, it helps in carrying out what the bodymind feels it needs to do.

Chantoyant Quartz Hawkeye, is the far sight, seeing what others don’t, moves by signature energy patterns, is the warrior’s eye, and the auric life energy lines, and junctions, which allow you to travel by transplacing yourself, wherever you feel you need to go.