(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

There is a conflict, whether it is known or not, in the two paths of spirituality- the macrocosmic, and the microcosmic, I follow the path of the Microcosmic Force.

Macrocosmic people, follow oneness, etc..

The macrocosmic way is that of oneness, or building a multi-cell whole, which each individual part, is within the wholeness, where the oneness, expects obedience; and to live in harmonics with it. The other parts of the whole, which stretch across the world, so it is any where it wants to be, through this control of the part, into the wholeness matrix.it’s the brain, and the rest are secondary to it; they’re there to simply be cells, and watchers of those events going on around them.

The oneness argument, is they’re free, within the oneness, but if they don’t do what’s expected of them, they’re cut out of the oneness, and can only come back in, if they agree, to do what they’re told, by the oneness matrix, ergo, leader of the oneness.

This is self-defeating; it takes away individual initiative, and places control of your mind and psychic/spiritual energies and powers, in the hands of the Oneness Matrix, which is one person, who started it all. This gives him, her, it everything; and everyone else tidbits. They turn into qualifiers, saying they get what they need, from the Wholeness/Oneness Matrix, when in fact, they get only what they can get, or given, to keep them quiet, and not upset the apple cart, of the oneness leader or leaders.

Oneness matrix has no boundaries, thus the parts have none either, they’re caught up in the way of the matrix, and whatever it discovers, or implements, they get a small, energy from it, and from that small energy, they have to be satisfied.

The other way they see their oneness, is they’re a cell in a brain, and what the brain sees, does, they see it, if they’re in tune with the Oneness Matrix; being in tune, means giving all your energy, psychic/telepathic powers over to it.

You’re an energy provider; the more it needs, the more it pulls, from it’s cells, wherever they are. This is a non-single brain, placed in spiritual planes, where the parts are the cells of the brain, and the brain uses them as needed.This is non-specific location, where the brain, is within all the cells, which make it up.

This path doesn’t use boundaries, for they’re one, with the Oneness Matrix, and all cells within it, must be joined psychically, so the matrix, can pull from each, what it needs.

In other words, cells are for energy pulling, and psychic/telepathic usage, and draining; they may receive gifts, but this is simply to keep them in accord with the Oneness Matrix.

Opposite of this is the Individual way, Self-Genesis, Dream Dancing, where the individual, within themselves, is the highest spiritual knowledge, action, and choice making, for them..

The microcosmic way, means you, as an individual, are the highest of the high, for you, and no one else, can be higher than you, within yourself.

Self-Genesis is the spiritual path, of microcosmic action; where Dream Dancing is the way of the beyondness of the individual, within the wholeness of themselves. Both are Microcosmic, and teach Microcosmic ways, which include psychic/telepathic actions, daily living, and act in the only way they can act to be true to themselves.

They take full responsibility, for their life, and what they do within it; they show others how to be fully responsible, for their lives, as well, through microcosmic living, and learning about themselves, and what they can do, within, their spiritual awareness.

The Microcosmic Force is the microcosmic way, used by Self-Genesis, and Dream Dancing, as well as, Jedi Knights and the Jedi. To have power, means to learn to use it sparingly, and for a good reason- only.

Microcosmic actioneers, look within, to find the way necessary, for their growth, and the brightness of their spirit, when they trust their feelings, and act in the only way they can act to be true to themselves.

Individuality, microcosmic, within its living the microcosmic way, is to have boundaries; this differs from macrocosmic, who put down boundaries, to be a cell within a brain, which isn’t single, but stretches as far, as they have cells, so the cells are watchers, and report back to the Oneness Matrix.

What are boundaries? Psychologically, socially, is that you have a boundary of life energy around you, which separates, you from others, and allows both of you, to stay free of influence, from a sharing, which may or may not be seen, by the participants.

Boundaries allow you to be you, to touch another, without, having to become one with them, or pairing, etc.. You have a boundary up, to create the Microcosmic Force, as well, for boundaries, keep you separate from others, but at the same time, build a network of individual boundaries, which can network with each other, and build a universe, etc..

The spirit, the mind, the body all have their form of boundaries, which creates your personal boundaries, and which keeps life within you; you choose what you want to involve yourself in, or refuse to be involved.

We network, with others, by watching their actions, and use, or not, their actions, in accord, with what we feel, within us, as we watch their microcosmic movements. This shows the Microcosmic Force is a here and now, force, which uses telepathic insight and feeling, to act in how you feel about what you see in other microcosmic lives, as they live their life, in interaction and in intuition, guided by their Microcosmic Wholeness/Force.

Answers come from within, questions come from thinking, which is a lower action than trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!