(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

We are in discussion about the Spirit, but we must, also, look at its reflection, working and guiding the person, etc., in the Spirit’s created life path, for the person, etc..

The Soul is a made to order overseer of the person, in their physical life, and is a guiding, or a demand aspect, of the person’s individual being.

The Soul is created and brought to life, to be the Spirit’s ambassador, to the life form it reflects. This means the Soul carries out the demands of the created life path, for the being, etc., to follow, whether they want to or not.

One of the meditation goals, is to find the Soul, and transform it into Microcosmic Crystal White Light, transposing it into the whole being.

The Soul is a help, and a deadly opponent, when it demands the person, etc., follow the life path the Spirit designed, for this particular life time.

To solve the problem, transpose the Soul, and let it be Microcosmic Crystal White Light, flowing into your whole being.

Now, the middleman or woman is gone;  you deal directly with the Spirit, and its ludicrous life path.

You must take over your own life path; leaving the Spirit’s life path to become Microcosmic Crystal White Light, going back into the whole being.

The Spirit doesn’t mind this event, but will not make it easy, for the person, etc., to do, but it can be done.

Meditation, bodymind movement, consciousness- subconscious – inbetween consciousness and finally the unconscious, which did have a direct path to the Spirit, but now, it has a direct path to the person, it represents.

One of your goals toward mastery of yourself, and your powers, is to free yourself, from the life path created by your Spirit, who sees you able to take care of anything, so designs life paths to reflect this belief.

To be more realistic, you have to free yourself from any design, and live your life here and now.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you hear and now!