(c) Terry Floyd Johnson  ( Zoua; OutRyder )


Forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow, especially, when the one you are to forgive, is a criminal, who hurt a member of your family, etc..

Why should we even consider forgiveness to one who did us wrong?

Hurt, anger, deadliness, etc., all are feelings we go through, when we look at the perpetrator of whatever they did.

These feelings tear apar-t individuals, families, businesses, and so on.

As long as you have these feelings, and don’t do something with them, positive in nature; then the problem and the person or persons, who took advantage of you or someone else close to you, controls you, for you’re investing in him and what was done, rather than working with it, and getting through to the other side.

The pain will probably be there, and we must work it, to get it to understand, we are forgiving those who did wrong to us.

Forgiveness is the spiritual way of holistic health, and good living.

Letting go inspires you to be free and not controlled by outside parties, or criminals.

It releases you, from your overwhelming, need to strike back. Striking back accomplishes nothing, but puts you in as the criminal, or the hurting person.

Be free! Let go! Forgive!

May the Microcosmic Force help you to forgive!