(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

Life is less fun, if you live in an environment, in which, there is no trust, only lying, cheating, killing, and so on.

The world, and its environments, are brighter, if you have trust in yourself, and others, who you choose to trust, as comrades, friends, colleagues and others.

Trust is the ability to act without thinking to be true to yourself as the only act you can do to be wholistic in action, and understanding.

In trusting others, outside yourself, is to interact with them slowly, and learn to view them with levels of trust.

Many people, make the mistake, of trusting someone, they don’t know, but are just beginning to know; or trust others blindly, because of love, etc..

The slow approach of interacting with them, getting to know them, feel you know them, and give them a level of trust, you’re comfortable with.

The same with trusting your feelings, which works in answers, not in questions. You learn how to work with your feelings, by listening to them, and testing out what they’re saying to you. It is either right or wrong. If wrong, then you didn’t hear correctly; if right, you gain a more solid grounding of trusting your feelings.

Trust is a here and now action; the past and the future, may have interaction, where you see the opposite party in a particular light, but it’s here and now, that counts, in your interaction with others.

Trust, in trust your feelings, is the most important action you can take, for it makes you free to listen to yourself, and not get caught up in manipulations, etc., of Outside, which thrives on you, not trusting yourself, or others, thus live in sorrow of the world, for you have no ground to stand, only shifting sands.

Build trust, learn to trust others, by their own actions, how they treat you, how they present themselves, and how they follow through with what they say they will do, or be, or share with you and others. Trust is earned, not just given as a basic of friendship, friendship is more comfortable, when you don’t have to be on your guard, with the people, etc., who are around you.

Trust yourself; let others show their trustworthiness or not; be trustworthy yourself to others; the path goes both ways.

Microcosmic Force Blessings upon you here and now!