# 53 sphalerite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Sphalerite is a doorway, to many different realities, and actions, which come together in the right way to handle whatever is needed.

Sphalerite is the wonder of electronic lighting, with its colors or crystals separating, and becoming capable of handling a multitude of tasks, and a multitude of needs in maintaining justice and order.

Sphalerite is good, when focused on what you want done, and not try to do many things, which will cause sphalerite, to close down, and it will take a while, for it to get down on track.

Sphalerite is the dance and dancer gem/crystal; put in the area, or the room, of where dancing and music is going to be- heightens the enjoyment, and the strength of its showing, to the public, or with some or one persons.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you- here and now!

# 84 Imagination: rational/emotional

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


We have said that creative imagination is fantasy, where we use imagination to come up with ideas, for arts, and any other field, where we want to come up with something new, or something that will help an already working project, etc..

The imagination we’re talking about now, is either rational or emotional. Rational imagination is where you visualize what’s happening now, and look for better ways of using it, building it, or putting it out, where others can see and use it.

Emotional imagination is either positive or negative; positive imagination is where you use it to gain something, to help someone, to see yourself in a positive light, ergo meditation, daydreaming, dreaming and picturing what you want to accomplish, then putting the physical breakdown of how to build it, to share it, to show it and so on.

Rational imagination utilizes Virtual Reality Imagination, where we look upon what we are imagining, as an observer, or as a particular character within the virtual reality, connecting something that isn’t there, and seeing it in your mind’s eye, connecting, then seeing it whole, and working.

Emotional imagination is where we imagine ourselves in love with someone, and we know they would love us to, so that’s how we manage it; opposite this same point, is obsession, where daily living thinking, turns into a denial of that reality, and replacing it with our imagination, of connection that isn’t there.

Another emotional imagination visualization is negative, where we always see within our visualization, we are bad, terrible, powerful, so we vanquish our enemies, where we find ourselves in a fix, and see us causing it to go wrong, and more in the same vein.

We can control these imagination methods; so we see ourselves in a positive light, the hero of the visualization, the caring person, helping others, etc.. You’re cool, you don’t have to try to be!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you- here and now!



# 53 Lazurite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Lazurite is blue, meaning it’s a sky gem, and a water gem, which means- it creates the scenario, for rain, for water to run and to keep it full.

Lazurite is a gem, that gives the wearer, or the one who has it around him or her, a feeling of psychic and telepathic talents, abilities and skills.

Lazurite is the sky gem, meaning it helps you interact with the sky in everything you do, as well as, ponds, rivers, oceans, etc.. It helps in any healing energy being used, and fortifies a person outlook of who they are, and what they’re capable of.

Lazurite is the fortifying gem, in that its blueness draws to it, life energy, and brings health, and wellness, but, also, the way to know what’s coming up in the here and now, alloings you to make your feelings, psychic and telepathic talents, abilities and skills, do more, than, the level of experience you may have dealing with this level of knowledge, and do. It expands and strengthens whatever you do, with the will to love behind it, as well.


# 81 Your Imagination

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


How creative you can be, depends on how much you can let go and allow your brain/mind/bodymind to go beyond the reality, and create new realities, new adventures, new ideas, new ways of living, and new ways of making your life and others more exciting.

Your imagination is a very powerful ally; for what you will, starts with you imagining it happening, and the more you can see it happening, the truth of it, truth creates all things.

Imagination in creative writing, art, and so on, isn’t filled with truth, but wonder, of how you can create something from nothing. This kind of imagination is fantasy, and fantasy allows itself to be real without transforming you or others or things.

The more you can see your fantasy, the more creative you will become, and the more output you will have.

Fantasy imagination is mundane, and doesn’t expect what it imagines to be real, or make what the imagination is creating, within your mind, your bodymind and dreams to become real.

Fantasy imagination, isn’t meant to do or create reality; its entertainment, so its meant to create wonder, excitement, adventure, etc., which the viewer can escape into.

This allows a person to come up with the wildest, and scariest scenarios, without it creating reality, but creating emotional responses, and being interactive with what’s being viewed; if you’re emotionally tied up with the fantasy view, it gives you, fun, scared emotions, allows you to let go of problems, and just sit back and enjoy, what you’re seeing.

It’s pure entertainment, allowing you to enjoy it, without it turning into reality. It’s symbolic; you can work with it, or anything you see, and get more information, by role playing with it.

You become what you’re working with, the symbol, and have two chairs, one for you and one for the character/symbol you’re working with. Keep working with it till you feel you’re done.

To start, say: ” What do you have to say to me? ”

Change chairs, become the symbol, answer the question as the symbol; you want to know what it stands for, and that you can work through it, and the symbol wants to be known, so it helps in the interaction between chairs.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!


# 51 Danburite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Danburite is the library gem/crystals, it helps in the finding, understanding, categorization, of information and knowledge.

It’s also a good secondary healing crystal, works well with more directed crystals of great healing.

Danburite is the gem/crystal of drama/theater/creative arts/fine arts, and thinking of what you want to write about, be in, watch, and so on.

Danburite is, also, the gem/crystal of the written word, books, manuscripts, scrolls, etc..

Danburite is, also, a help with stomach problems, do not put it on the stomach, heart or etc., but have it somewhere in the room, where its enegy flows with the area in the room, in harmony with it.

Daburite is, also, the gem/crystal of photography, nude photography, porn, creative photography, and more.

# 82 The Jedi

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Today we talk about who and what the Jedi are, and what they do to follow the ideas of Self-Genesis and Dream Dancing.

First, the Jedi are those who want to know of the Microcosmic Force, and what it can do for them, and those they love, but who don’t want to study the spiritual and psychic ways of the Jedi Knight or the Dream Dancer.

What this means is they have lives, which are not caught up in doing, being a Self-Genesis Practitioner, Jedi Knight and/or a Dream Dancer, as a main way of living their lives, in harmony, and action with the Microcosmic Force.

The Jedi study, ask questions, feel the Microcosmic Force deeply, and see Self-Genesis, Dream Dancing, Jedi Knight, as having ideas worth reading and discussing, within the realms of the Jedi.

The Jedi man, woman, child, being, live their daily lives, within the society they live in. they see Self-Genesis, Dream Dancing, Jedi Knight ideas, and workings, as a way to live, in their social communities, thus, they live life in society, and practice being Jedis by reading, observing life flow around them, showing them the ways of the Jedi.

There are ten levels of the Jedi philosophy, and anyone, may choose to study within these levels, or simply read and absorb what the books of each share with those wanting to learn about the Microcosmic Force.

Second, the Jedi, learn, and practice psychic and telepathic, readings, work, creativity and spiritual actions of healing, affirmations and so on.

Third, the Jedi, utilize Affirm  Blessings, when working with others outside of Enviroradience; within the self-affirming affirmations, with those who practice Self-Genesis and/or Dream Dancing or Jedi Knight; they use Microcosmic Force Blessings, or Source Blessings of actions.

Fourth, the Jedi, are a social, and community congregations to express their spirituality, and give them a sense of accomplishing something by their blessings on others and themselves.

Fifth, they work together in social actions, in learning more about subjects, they choose to learn about, and work on helping the situations, from healings, to social justice, etc.

Sixth, they have the choice to be clothed or sky clad, at gatherings of the Jedi, each one shall have a gathering, at that time, or all will be clothing optional.

Seventh, they practice what they preach.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!





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