(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


How creative you can be, depends on how much you can let go and allow your brain/mind/bodymind to go beyond the reality, and create new realities, new adventures, new ideas, new ways of living, and new ways of making your life and others more exciting.

Your imagination is a very powerful ally; for what you will, starts with you imagining it happening, and the more you can see it happening, the truth of it, truth creates all things.

Imagination in creative writing, art, and so on, isn’t filled with truth, but wonder, of how you can create something from nothing. This kind of imagination is fantasy, and fantasy allows itself to be real without transforming you or others or things.

The more you can see your fantasy, the more creative you will become, and the more output you will have.

Fantasy imagination is mundane, and doesn’t expect what it imagines to be real, or make what the imagination is creating, within your mind, your bodymind and dreams to become real.

Fantasy imagination, isn’t meant to do or create reality; its entertainment, so its meant to create wonder, excitement, adventure, etc., which the viewer can escape into.

This allows a person to come up with the wildest, and scariest scenarios, without it creating reality, but creating emotional responses, and being interactive with what’s being viewed; if you’re emotionally tied up with the fantasy view, it gives you, fun, scared emotions, allows you to let go of problems, and just sit back and enjoy, what you’re seeing.

It’s pure entertainment, allowing you to enjoy it, without it turning into reality. It’s symbolic; you can work with it, or anything you see, and get more information, by role playing with it.

You become what you’re working with, the symbol, and have two chairs, one for you and one for the character/symbol you’re working with. Keep working with it till you feel you’re done.

To start, say: ” What do you have to say to me? ”

Change chairs, become the symbol, answer the question as the symbol; you want to know what it stands for, and that you can work through it, and the symbol wants to be known, so it helps in the interaction between chairs.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!