(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


We have said that creative imagination is fantasy, where we use imagination to come up with ideas, for arts, and any other field, where we want to come up with something new, or something that will help an already working project, etc..

The imagination we’re talking about now, is either rational or emotional. Rational imagination is where you visualize what’s happening now, and look for better ways of using it, building it, or putting it out, where others can see and use it.

Emotional imagination is either positive or negative; positive imagination is where you use it to gain something, to help someone, to see yourself in a positive light, ergo meditation, daydreaming, dreaming and picturing what you want to accomplish, then putting the physical breakdown of how to build it, to share it, to show it and so on.

Rational imagination utilizes Virtual Reality Imagination, where we look upon what we are imagining, as an observer, or as a particular character within the virtual reality, connecting something that isn’t there, and seeing it in your mind’s eye, connecting, then seeing it whole, and working.

Emotional imagination is where we imagine ourselves in love with someone, and we know they would love us to, so that’s how we manage it; opposite this same point, is obsession, where daily living thinking, turns into a denial of that reality, and replacing it with our imagination, of connection that isn’t there.

Another emotional imagination visualization is negative, where we always see within our visualization, we are bad, terrible, powerful, so we vanquish our enemies, where we find ourselves in a fix, and see us causing it to go wrong, and more in the same vein.

We can control these imagination methods; so we see ourselves in a positive light, the hero of the visualization, the caring person, helping others, etc.. You’re cool, you don’t have to try to be!

May the Microcosmic Force be with you- here and now!