(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The magic of belief builds you up to have a happy, spiritual life;  you have to believe in yourself, and your belief creates trust, knowing, seeing and wisdom, to know what’s necessary, for you to do.

Self-Belief is a necessary ingredient in the overall awareness of the spiritual and non-spiritual person.

Self-Belief means you believe in who you are, a strength to set goals and reach them, a health card, of if you believe in yourself, everything is done/felt in a healthier way.

Self-belief allows you to be strong in all your activities you choose to be involved in, and it allows you to be centered within yourself, and not be unsure of yourself, so you are divided by what others believe or say.

Self-belief, means loving yourself, being aware of the Microcosmic Force spirituality and doing, with an inner light, which allows you to know you’re doing what’s true for you.

Self-belief allows you to expand your horizons, study new ideas, and fields of education, work, and play.

Self-belief allows you to know, it’s okay to play, to have fun, and to take care of yourself.

Self-belief says you’re in command of your protection, so make sure you learn how to do this, in whatever you choose to study, to become proficient in your self-defense methodologies.

Self-belief is the bottom line in how you see yourself, and how others see and react to you; your behavior is guided and strengthen by your belief in yourself, to know what’s true for you, and to do that which may be against the herd crowd, but it’s right for you.

Self-belief means you’re capable of being socially correct, and a generator of good living for yourself, friends, and acquaintences. Happiness bubbles, as you live your life to your own belief philosophy, and act upon that which comes to you in the only way you can be true to yourself.

Self-belief is learned or its discovered within the spiritual teachings, and living, which gives to us the okay to be ourselves, and that’s the richness of life and well-being.

Self-belief is the joy of life, and the generator of goodness, coming to you, and you, giving it to others around you.

Microcosmic Force Blessings on you here and now!