(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


The experience is now, to step up the opening of each person’s, who has been reading this ( if you haven’t read them, for your own safety, read the gatherings before this one ) feeling their way to their rite of passage. Each person, who reads these, have now come to the experience, where they step up in their training, and start to use those mighty weapons/peacebringers, Music and Rhythm.

Those of you who’ve been reading the gatherings, published here, have been aware or unaware; you are, and were, opening up your third eye, in the middle of your forehead.

The third eye, is the spiritual, music and rhythm brought into being by Super Microcosmic Force Blessing Affirmations. These with the workings of the third eye, create a haven, and a doer, for handling that which comes to you, where you’re to do something, build something, teach something, or simply be, and go with the flow, doing what is Microcosmic Necessary, right here and now.

Music is the key to spirit, and giving awareness, to those, who are ready to know the energy and the design of Music, and its partner, Rhythm.

All music has a spiritual nature to it, even that which is clearly not positive, but within that negativity, lies the beautiful music of the Spirit, and the transformation of the Soul, back into the Spirit, with the Jedi, Jedi Knights, Dream Dancers, letting it happen. You know within this gesture, comes the talent, ability, skill, to move with music of your spirit, and to allow the rhythm of your whole/full being come into the mundane world, through your bodymind.

Don’t get carried away, or have eyes bigger, than your ability to do, so you set yourself up, to have to accomplish the goal or see whatever you’re missing/understanding, within yourself.

Music comes from within you, and your natural rhythm, is what allows you to be psychic, and a spiritual traveler among the stars, the dimensions, and ,                                              ,.

You’re far beyond what you know of yourself, even more than your spirit knows, for its a limited version of ,                        ,.

Your spirit has ways of going beyond itself, and becoming more than a limited version of ,                                    , but to become this, by trusting its feelings, and trusting its own mighty transformers Music and Rhythm.

Along with this- is another mighty transformer, Dance, moving to music, with the step of rhythm in harmony with the bodymind, doing the dancing. It does this by trusting their feelings, and moving with a single awareness of being a single organism, without parts, thus the total you is in everything you do.

Music, Rhythm and Dance are the three maidens of the Beauty of you, within yourself. No one can take these away from you; if you do not feel them, then you are repressing them, and denying you have them. This is foolhardy, for these are the beauty of you, within the rhythm, of moving to created beauty of form and rhythm, handmaidens of these three, are melody, beat, and intensity, with the flame of expression, creating your very best, when you attend to these Beauty.

Where is this beauty found, within your trust in yourself, you being self-responsible, having self-respect, high self-esteem ( even if you can’t see it within yourself ), it is there, awaiting your arrival, and your opening up and allowing them to flow, through you ( your bodymind ).

In the Way of the Jedi, the Jedi Knight, the Dream Dancer, and the creativity of imagination, belief, and practice, comes the coherent whole/fullness of the flow movements of rhythm. While melody, beat, and sound, whether heard aloud, or heard within your whole being, your full being. You answer that creativity by Expression of it, in your movements of your bodymind.

You act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself, and within this acceptance, movement, spiritual truth shining within you is the Flame of Your Truth. It’s shining to all, who have the will to love to see it, and experience it, allowing themselves to bring out their own truth; shining like the Flame of Your Truth, the most beautiful expression of you, in any level of spiritual awareness and creativity.

It is your truth; and in the joy of this, you create the flow of imagination, within your talent, ability and skill as a Maker of Expression to yourself, and to others. You are your Truth, and you shine like the truth you are. You are a Blessing to all that is, and all is life energy, so you are teeming with life, creating it, and giving it out to those who are truly on the path of their own spiritual journey, and are open to learning about Music, Rhythm, and Dance. This is along with beat, melody, training/practice, and the ability to move in rhythm with the music, and in higher levels of being- shine with the inner intensity of the Creator of Imagination and Expressing.

You are that person, and you’re the living embodiment of the only act you can do to be true to yourself.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you right here and now!