(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Oligoclase is a gem, which has reflective qualities, this means it’s the best gem to keep around you- if you’re involved in groups, small groups, music, science, and so on.

Oligoclase is a party gem; it adds to the atmosphere and the mystery of fun, and good times.

Oligoclase is the insight, when many things are going on; it helps to solve the need to pick the right answer, the right path, and navigate the entertainment field, both indie and studio films, TV, documentaries, negotiations, theater, free space performances, and so on.

Oligoclase helps lovers bring their ability to live together and build a relationship, which can take on all problems and succeed, if the parties involved want it to be so.

Oligoclase is, also, for the polyrelationships, where more than two people want to have a close relationship, and not be part of the limitation of the couple in love showing that their kind of love is as beautiful as any couples.

Oligoclase is the gem made for bisexuals, loving both men and women, and being romantically honest about their relationships.