(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Adventurine Quartz- is a stickler, meaning it’s found in different colors, ergo, its the gem of politicians, politics, diplomacy, negotiations, untruths, truths, and action with others, things, and the internet.

Adventruine Quartz- Is the hidden gem, it doesn’t like anyone, knowing about them, so they’re the secrets/secret traps and more.

Adventureine Quartz- picks up telepathic communications, and copies what it needs, then puts it in a way, to cloud any issue(s).

Adventurine Quartz-It’s a politician’s answer to throw us off; the scent; another use, is throwing off those who are stalking us, ergo, blood hounds, etc.

Adventurine Quartz- is a private detective dream; it helps hide whatever he/she wants to keep hidden, and away, from those who want the information, for their own nefarious reasons.