(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016   ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

In the world of education, business, or the Outside, a person has to be willing to do trade-offs, meaning you can’t get all you want your way.

Outside, forces people into having to make decisions/choices, by the situation, scenario, problem, and decision-making. Usually this means there are two or more choices; they aren’t the best of any of the sides of the equations, so you may have to take the one that is less satisfying, than you want.

Outside calls this being an adult, to be able to make the tough choices, and settle, for the one you see as the best choice, even if it isn’t one you’re fully behind.

This means you’re leading a life, where Outside controls you, and only lets you think you’re making a decision, the situation is stacked on the side of Outside, who makes out, no matter the choice. Welcome to rational and emotional rational methods, which say they’re the best/wisest way to live. This is patently wrong!

Trade-offs come because of rational and emotional behavior and educational learning. Mind is the only way to make decisions, and live your life, making it through the jungle of strife, and hard knocks.

This is the soft sell to get you believing Outside, is the only way to live your life. It definitely is not.