# 94 Listening and Engaging in your Reality and Lifestyle

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


You want to know what’s going on in your worlds, and what could threaten them or their expressions. You can watch TV and hear canned news, tv programming, and what the corporate world wants you to believe and know.

To help you know about your realities, your worlds, your lifestyle- you have to learn to listen, to hear, to reflect, to choose, and to act, but most important is the ability to Listen.

In psychology, its not having yourself in the mix, but listening and hearing true, so you hear the truth behind the words. What has to be done, is to listen to the ebbs of the tones, the way the action is presented, but most important is to listen by not only your ears, but with your third eye.

Your third eye is in the middle of your forehead; meditation, learning to read auras, utilize psychometry, and psychometry palmistry to help you train yourself to use your third eye in whatever you do. What does this teach you, energy is true to itself, even if the speaker tries to twist it and hide it in lies, and disinformation.

Teaching yourself to read auras, allows you to see, hear, to feel, and to know what’s really going on, by Seeing- meaning seeing what is really being said, shown, built, put forth, etc..

Trust your feelings. Emotions are rational brothers of reason; the thought hooks your interest, and then depending on the depth of resonance you add more and more energy to the thought. Visualize a rock floating in space, as it floats, more and more material is adding itself to the rock, till it becomes a full comet, a rock wrapped in additions, which may be true or false, but because the thought incites you to reacting to its meaning, etc., you add your own worries, fears, projections onto it.

Remember: Thoughts you come up with, you do not own. They’re simply thoughts to look at and decide if you have interest in going further with them. If it creates an emotional stirring, and the more you think about it, the deeper you go into your psychological fears, your opinions, which aren’t clear, but used to keep you from facing the reality of your own here and now.

Looking at thoughts, be here and now; don’t be there and then; ask yourself, what are you feeling right here and now. Don’t deny your feelings, and listen to the way you feel, remember act in the only way you can act to be true to your true self, and let go of all the different faces you use to hide who you are.

There’s no reason to hide who you are; you are unique, individual; there is no one like you in the whole Universe. This means you are beyond price; live your life knowing your are beyond price.

Communication, body movements, vocals, etc. all have what is being said, but it also has many other meanings, which could be in the vibration of what is being said, or expressed, or held back.

Don’t put things into what you’re hearing or seeing, but feel the truth behind all the hiding, and see the truth, which is clear, strong, and feel the beautiful vibration created from that truth, and any truth you see, feel, or create within yourself.

Listening means listening to what’s being said, many times this means hearing beyond what is being said, to what the person really is saying, or trying to manipulate you, etc., and you listen so don’t buy into it. Recognize those people who want to use you, and put them out of your life.

Listening is hearing what is really being said, by a person, who is relying on what is going on within them, or to them. Engage with their truth, and leave their hiders, what they’re using to keep you from seeing the real them, ergo, the many hats they hide behind to keep others from really knowing what their about. Allow them their deceptions, and stay away from them.

As you can listen to those talking to you, you can listen to energy, life energy, water, grass, earth, and more, don’t limit your listening, and your engaging only to people, be more creative than that, listen, hear, reflect, choose and act on the world, and beyond.

Truth is truth; no matter where its found, and no matter how it expresses itself, in known or unknown ways, listen and grow from the experience.

Experience is tuned by listening; experience is better, deeper and more open, so you get the most out of what you know to be true, while others mill around trying to figure out what is meant by the person, who is trying to manipulate them.

Turn away liars and cons, those who are trying to hurt you, or want what you have; listen with ears open, and with your whole bodymind, being, totality, spirit and far, far, far, far beyonds. Trust your feelings.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!



# 62 Danburite

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Danburite is the snow gem, meaning it works best in the cold, especially Switzerland, Artic, etc.

Danburite is for freshness, of thought, and understanding.

Danburite is the academic gem, the person who wants to use this, is best to be a student, or a teacher/professor, helps to see what is being blocked to understanding.

Danburite is to be kept in the room, the class, the research lab, and in smaller quantities, can be kept in a purse, bag, backpack, but only in there alone. It doesn’t like to have other gyms, crystals, near it. This gem is called the Loner.

Danburite keeps relationships, fresh, and exciting, bringing in just the right words, the right moves, and the right way to be, for you, lover, partner, etc..

Danburite is the money gem, as well as, bringing fresh cash in, from surprising sources. It’s a large cash windfall; works well in raising money, for profit, or non-profit, organizations.

Danburite is great to be kept in the office, behind the scenes, its energy, can permeate any area, locked or not.

Danburite is the friendship gem; always bringing fresh ideas and challenging doings, to the friends, and keeps the friendship, fresh and exciting.

# 93 UFO Abductions

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


One of the reasons, we started this spiritual fellowship, is to help those, who have been abducted by ETs, without their consent, those who do give their consent, are placed under the category of ” contactees “. They remember their abductions, and see value in them; the rest of us, don’t see any redeeming qualities, from the ETs. They’re arrogant; liars, cruel, harsh, nuero nets- nano clusters superstrengthing them, to be able to stay in space, for as long as they want.

Think of their bodies, as a neural computer, with each cluster capable of infinite connection, with all the rest of the clusters, found within the ETs body and more .

All of these, are in symbiotic connection, and create an energy field, which surrounds them, increasing muscular strength, puts out an auric field, around them, to help them survive, in any environment, and any situations.

They’re basically bio-androids, as they’re one with these clusters, and these nano/micro clusters, are gates-operations, meaning, they create infinite bio-electrical energy, and phase energy, meaning they’re capable of doing things, far beyond their limitations, without the clusters.

All the clusters, can handle any number of energy flows, connected as one, singular, vibrations source of energy, that can be tuned into, and create a superbeing strength, and moves.

They’ve lost all sense of creativity, love, tranquility, and so on, they live by the brilliance of their neuro-nets. They rely, on them, pretty much daily ops, and are growing more and more capable of controlling the neuro-nets, and its vast computer memory, etc., data banks, but the ET is the one who makes the final decision, about what to do, when a problem comes up.

These ETs, are the Traders; they trade in legal, and illegal goods, then resell them on other planets. They’re, also, scientific, non-emotional, heavy into research, especially sexual research, social psychology, animal husbandry, horticulture, defense and offensive, and much more Their data banks, holds jillions of google information, they can rapture with each other neuro-net, in their counterparts, they can create electrical gates, to move their ships, almost instantaneously.

They’re computer friendly, and can tune into any computer, any where in the Universe(s). This means they can create bio-gates, by beaming, to step there instantaneously, or allows them, to see where the landing spot is, and if it’s not satisfactory, they can change it, at will.

They have an instantaneous counter attack, of electricity, phase energy, and shell energy, which is akin to outline energy/

They’re not friendlies; don’t allow yourself  to be fooled by these criminals, you mean nothing to them, except for what ideas, they and their neuro-nets, come up with, usually a scientific idea.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You, here and now!

# Chrysoberyl

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Chrysoberyl is one of the fav mystical gems, especially the catseye, gems. They’re used to focus your third eye on your focal point, to go into your higher consciousness, microcosmic. Mystical actions, spaces, interests, and so on, come around, when this gem is used as a focal point; the catseye, is slick, and very knowing about mystical/spiritual , psychic/telepathic actions, and reactions.

Chrysoberyl in colors, are good for- home remedy healing, and can help if kept in the doctor’s office, to aid in diagnosis. This gem, is a sex gem, as well, it’s used for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, for sexual affinities.

Chrysoberyl biggest draw is its catseyes; people love them, and collect them, as a hobby, or as a person, who gets rare gems, and trades, for something of interest.

Chrysoberyl catseye gems, are the Universe gem, and if you want to get a feel, for what’s happening in the Universe, use this gem as a focal point, and hold one or two more in your hands.

Chrysoberyl catsyes, are also, the violence gem, is used for assassins, criminal activities, and more, in this level of understanding.

# 92 Anger Storage

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


One of the emotions, people are afraid of, because if they get angry, they go crazy. Why?

Anger storage or banking, many times, people, for whatever reason, swallow their anger, and start building a new storage container symbol in their bodyminds.

Social graces say it’s bad to be angry, and attack people, allowing your anger to come out, but not just at what you’re angry, at this moment, for this moment ties into the anger storage, or anger bank.

What happens then, if you still have storage room left, nothing happens, and you put your anger in storage, holding it in, holding down, holding back.

You continue to hold all this anger in, until it reaches a point, where it’s going to effect your health, so your bodymind, takes what you’re angry at, at the moment, and releases all the anger banks, anger storage container symbol, and you explode, far beyond, a normal response, usually in a way that’s far beyond normal reaction, at what happened.

What happens, the other person, explodes, as he/she/it reacts to the anger blasts, pointing at him/her/it. You, now, have an explosive situation, where depending on how each handles their anger, it either stops, or escalates to violence.

If one person only feeds on their anger banks, and don’t have a way of gaining control of what they’re feeling; then, the climax, is unknown, until the final action between the two or more.

Anger banks are there, but they don’t have to be; you have the way to get rid of them, and rid yourself of the anger, you’re holding onto, by swallowing it.

How do we do this- visualization, and action/response:

Visualize, feel the anger bank/storage, and tell yourself to let go, let go, let go, let go into the Microcosmic Force Cosmos, where it will go supernova, and anything left over transforms to Microcosmic Force Crystal Light.

This is one way, if that doesn’t work with you; devise your own visualizations, and then let go of the anger, in the way you have created, to let go of your anger banks/storages.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!

# 60 Cassiterite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Cassiterite is the connecting element, when utilizing more than one gem, ore, crystals, etc.. If in black flakes, shake them and let them fall where they may, but at least 3/4 of the action being done, has to have Cassiterite flakes around them, or on top of them, and especially between them.

Cassiterite is used in taking one strong thing, and making it weaker, to the amount of Cassiterite, around it, on it, or in the area around it. The reality it only makes strong thing, stronger, in psychic realms.

Cassiterite looks as if it would be used by the dark practitioners, but in reality, it’s very strongly, on the Light side, though, it prefers to be a secondary aspect of any workings.

Cassiterite is good to use as a protective substance around windows, doorways, gardens, and so on. It looks as if its weak, strength, but its far from that. It secures the area, building, etc., that wants protection from magic, or from negativity.

Cassiterite is a good gem, better when it’s in flakes; this is a fine substance, to put in coffins, and in graves, and around, grave stones, and the whole area holding the grave.

# 91 Rags to Riches

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Rags to riches is the fantasy, where all you need is a break, a little luck, and a lot of moxy, to become a millionaire. Good luck, on that!

In the 20’s to today, people believe in the capitalist fantasy, which tells people, shows people, accomplishing it, and those who utilize,talents, abilities and skills to get in with the big boy, still have to work to maintain their wealth making skills.

Rags to riches is an advertising/marketing/publicity stunt, to keep the masses down, and to throw away their money, on things that if the strike it, will make them wealthy, a superstar, etc., instantly!

Rags to riches is a ballpark meme, to create disharmony within a person, so they don’t try to look at it from a logical point of view, but only in the dream-fantasies, of how it’s going to be, when their rich.

The want of wealth, even in the spiritual planes, is found- bound, within the person, who’s trying to be as spiritual as he/she/it can.

A story about a initiate, who had a dream of having vast wealth, brought to him an experience, where he goes to a cave; he walks into the cave, and filling the cave, is vast wealth of riches, from paintings, to stocks and bonds, bearer bonds, gems, diamonds, treasure chests full of booty.

He was overwhelmed by all the riches, but within him, that hope of one day being wealthy, transformed into the real riches he wanted, spiritual attainment.

The riches of the cave, disappeared, as this need within him, was fulfilled, and with that fulfillment, the freedom to let go of the need for riches, mundane riches.

The fantasy of winning riches, is a drive, for many people, and they try anything to get what they desire- riches! They want it, now, so they’ll try anything to make it big, with only a little bit of work, to do so.

Two of these is 1. Gambling, 2. stock markets, investing in startups.

Gambling is the quickest way to win or lose, unfortuantely most lose, for the odds are with the house.

The second the stock markets, investments, funding startypes is as much a roll of the dice as casino playing.

The stock markets are simply better gambling halls, and can break, or make a person rich, at the drop of a hat.

One of the main problems, with these, is once you start it’s hard to stop, and what you win, goes back to the house, on bad games, no wins on the slots, etc..

The best way to make wealth, is to invest in companies; most investors, know that out of ten funded startups, only one is needed to pay off, to give them their money back, with huge gains in their money accounts. This is the best way to gamble, for there’s high odds, one out of ten will strike it big, and pay off huge.

However, the main point against this, is you have to pick the companies, you want to bet on. It could go against you, and you lose everything you put out.

Gambling, investing are gambles, but of the two, investing in start ups is the safest route.

The other best way to make wealth, is by looking and finding a need that you can fill, start your company, get investors, and work hard to make it into a viable company, which then, could sell for huges amounts of cash.

Educate yourself; look around find a need, which has enough potential buyers, for you to be profitable, and with the potential to let you make a killing. You can then retire, and enjoy your wealth.

Some can do this, but many of the wealthy, find leisure boring, and go back into the minefields of working, building companies; its fun for them; it’s something, their expert at.

Build a subject of expertise, learn, and study everything about it, make it something the buyers are going to want, and supply them what they need, and always be on the lookout for product lines, you can add to yours, and make you rich, and fulfills the needs of the buyers.This is the avenue to true ongoing wealth, being expert at what you do, and if it falls through, one way, you have many other ways, you can draw upon to get back into the game.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!

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