(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

This week we’re going to look at a technique, which is fun, and allows you to  speak to your unconscious, as you go on an adventure looking for treasure and rewards.

First, I was introduced to Creative Fantasy, at Cal State University of Dominguez Hills, the leader of the network, was Dr. Nancy Shuler ( another co-leader was Bill, but he moved on to another school ), so Dr. Nancy is the one, who continued, on doing the fanasties, with us.

Here is how you do Creative Fantasy:

  1. Have a quiet space, with space to put mats on the floor
  2. Lay on the mats, then put a plastic bubble around you, to keep out noise, and for protection
  3. The leader begins the led adventure; at first, its best to keep it simple, 3 to 4 reward stops.
  4. The story begins, and the network, simply follows the story as given, not worrying about technique, etc.
  5. The leader begins the story… You are becoming aware softly, it seems, you only laid down, but here it is- morning, and time to get on the treasure trail.
  6. The leader leads the party to where they will experience the find and utilizing of treasures and rewards.
  7. First- you’re now coming to a sink hole, and within the sinkhole, or rather, at the farside of the sinkhole, is a table, chairs, boom box, and dinner is all laid out…
  8. You sit down, and begin to eat, totally unaware you are eating your first treasure.
  9.  You swallow the treasure, which is found within the food, and drink itself; now ask the table, what was in the dinner
  10. The table tells you to ask the bamboo carrier, which has carried the treasure to this spot, and sat everything up.
  11. You go over the the picnic carrier, and say hello to it! It says good morning back to you.
  12. You ask- What treasure is there in the food you have given me. The carrier tells you, its treasure of long lasting rewards, and will come to you, when you’re ready, for the information.
  13. The carrier turns into a jasmine bush, you say good morning, and then ask it, if it knows what the treasure is, you have eaten.
  14. Continue this until, you have visited and interacted with each of the treasure troves, the leader, has brought you to.
  15. Finally, you come to a space ship, ready to take off.
  16. You get in, it takes off, and the leader says, this is the final treasure trove, and as you come back to your everyday consciousness, you interact with the plane, who lands you on your everyday conscious, you are ready to open your eyes, do so and lay quietly, as you absorb what you’ve just experienced.
  17. Now, sit up and share what you experienced, with the rest of the members of the network, and see what other members, say about your experience
  18. Put the mats up, and your experience is over till the next time.

Enjoy your treasure fantasies!