Rags to riches is the fantasy, where all you need is a break, a little luck, and a lot of moxy, to become a millionaire. Good luck, on that!

In the 20’s to today, people believe in the capitalist fantasy, which tells people, shows people, accomplishing it, and those who utilize,talents, abilities and skills to get in with the big boy, still have to work to maintain their wealth making skills.

Rags to riches is an advertising/marketing/publicity stunt, to keep the masses down, and to throw away their money, on things that if the strike it, will make them wealthy, a superstar, etc., instantly!

Rags to riches is a ballpark meme, to create disharmony within a person, so they don’t try to look at it from a logical point of view, but only in the dream-fantasies, of how it’s going to be, when their rich.

The want of wealth, even in the spiritual planes, is found- bound, within the person, who’s trying to be as spiritual as he/she/it can.

A story about a initiate, who had a dream of having vast wealth, brought to him an experience, where he goes to a cave; he walks into the cave, and filling the cave, is vast wealth of riches, from paintings, to stocks and bonds, bearer bonds, gems, diamonds, treasure chests full of booty.

He was overwhelmed by all the riches, but within him, that hope of one day being wealthy, transformed into the real riches he wanted, spiritual attainment.

The riches of the cave, disappeared, as this need within him, was fulfilled, and with that fulfillment, the freedom to let go of the need for riches, mundane riches.

The fantasy of winning riches, is a drive, for many people, and they try anything to get what they desire- riches! They want it, now, so they’ll try anything to make it big, with only a little bit of work, to do so.

Two of these is 1. Gambling, 2. stock markets, investing in startups.

Gambling is the quickest way to win or lose, unfortuantely most lose, for the odds are with the house.

The second the stock markets, investments, funding startypes is as much a roll of the dice as casino playing.

The stock markets are simply better gambling halls, and can break, or make a person rich, at the drop of a hat.

One of the main problems, with these, is once you start it’s hard to stop, and what you win, goes back to the house, on bad games, no wins on the slots, etc..

The best way to make wealth, is to invest in companies; most investors, know that out of ten funded startups, only one is needed to pay off, to give them their money back, with huge gains in their money accounts. This is the best way to gamble, for there’s high odds, one out of ten will strike it big, and pay off huge.

However, the main point against this, is you have to pick the companies, you want to bet on. It could go against you, and you lose everything you put out.

Gambling, investing are gambles, but of the two, investing in start ups is the safest route.

The other best way to make wealth, is by looking and finding a need that you can fill, start your company, get investors, and work hard to make it into a viable company, which then, could sell for huges amounts of cash.

Educate yourself; look around find a need, which has enough potential buyers, for you to be profitable, and with the potential to let you make a killing. You can then retire, and enjoy your wealth.

Some can do this, but many of the wealthy, find leisure boring, and go back into the minefields of working, building companies; its fun for them; it’s something, their expert at.

Build a subject of expertise, learn, and study everything about it, make it something the buyers are going to want, and supply them what they need, and always be on the lookout for product lines, you can add to yours, and make you rich, and fulfills the needs of the buyers.This is the avenue to true ongoing wealth, being expert at what you do, and if it falls through, one way, you have many other ways, you can draw upon to get back into the game.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!