(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


One of the reasons, we started this spiritual fellowship, is to help those, who have been abducted by ETs, without their consent, those who do give their consent, are placed under the category of ” contactees “. They remember their abductions, and see value in them; the rest of us, don’t see any redeeming qualities, from the ETs. They’re arrogant; liars, cruel, harsh, nuero nets- nano clusters superstrengthing them, to be able to stay in space, for as long as they want.

Think of their bodies, as a neural computer, with each cluster capable of infinite connection, with all the rest of the clusters, found within the ETs body and more .

All of these, are in symbiotic connection, and create an energy field, which surrounds them, increasing muscular strength, puts out an auric field, around them, to help them survive, in any environment, and any situations.

They’re basically bio-androids, as they’re one with these clusters, and these nano/micro clusters, are gates-operations, meaning, they create infinite bio-electrical energy, and phase energy, meaning they’re capable of doing things, far beyond their limitations, without the clusters.

All the clusters, can handle any number of energy flows, connected as one, singular, vibrations source of energy, that can be tuned into, and create a superbeing strength, and moves.

They’ve lost all sense of creativity, love, tranquility, and so on, they live by the brilliance of their neuro-nets. They rely, on them, pretty much daily ops, and are growing more and more capable of controlling the neuro-nets, and its vast computer memory, etc., data banks, but the ET is the one who makes the final decision, about what to do, when a problem comes up.

These ETs, are the Traders; they trade in legal, and illegal goods, then resell them on other planets. They’re, also, scientific, non-emotional, heavy into research, especially sexual research, social psychology, animal husbandry, horticulture, defense and offensive, and much more Their data banks, holds jillions of google information, they can rapture with each other neuro-net, in their counterparts, they can create electrical gates, to move their ships, almost instantaneously.

They’re computer friendly, and can tune into any computer, any where in the Universe(s). This means they can create bio-gates, by beaming, to step there instantaneously, or allows them, to see where the landing spot is, and if it’s not satisfactory, they can change it, at will.

They have an instantaneous counter attack, of electricity, phase energy, and shell energy, which is akin to outline energy/

They’re not friendlies; don’t allow yourself  to be fooled by these criminals, you mean nothing to them, except for what ideas, they and their neuro-nets, come up with, usually a scientific idea.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You, here and now!