(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


You want to know what’s going on in your worlds, and what could threaten them or their expressions. You can watch TV and hear canned news, tv programming, and what the corporate world wants you to believe and know.

To help you know about your realities, your worlds, your lifestyle- you have to learn to listen, to hear, to reflect, to choose, and to act, but most important is the ability to Listen.

In psychology, its not having yourself in the mix, but listening and hearing true, so you hear the truth behind the words. What has to be done, is to listen to the ebbs of the tones, the way the action is presented, but most important is to listen by not only your ears, but with your third eye.

Your third eye is in the middle of your forehead; meditation, learning to read auras, utilize psychometry, and psychometry palmistry to help you train yourself to use your third eye in whatever you do. What does this teach you, energy is true to itself, even if the speaker tries to twist it and hide it in lies, and disinformation.

Teaching yourself to read auras, allows you to see, hear, to feel, and to know what’s really going on, by Seeing- meaning seeing what is really being said, shown, built, put forth, etc..

Trust your feelings. Emotions are rational brothers of reason; the thought hooks your interest, and then depending on the depth of resonance you add more and more energy to the thought. Visualize a rock floating in space, as it floats, more and more material is adding itself to the rock, till it becomes a full comet, a rock wrapped in additions, which may be true or false, but because the thought incites you to reacting to its meaning, etc., you add your own worries, fears, projections onto it.

Remember: Thoughts you come up with, you do not own. They’re simply thoughts to look at and decide if you have interest in going further with them. If it creates an emotional stirring, and the more you think about it, the deeper you go into your psychological fears, your opinions, which aren’t clear, but used to keep you from facing the reality of your own here and now.

Looking at thoughts, be here and now; don’t be there and then; ask yourself, what are you feeling right here and now. Don’t deny your feelings, and listen to the way you feel, remember act in the only way you can act to be true to your true self, and let go of all the different faces you use to hide who you are.

There’s no reason to hide who you are; you are unique, individual; there is no one like you in the whole Universe. This means you are beyond price; live your life knowing your are beyond price.

Communication, body movements, vocals, etc. all have what is being said, but it also has many other meanings, which could be in the vibration of what is being said, or expressed, or held back.

Don’t put things into what you’re hearing or seeing, but feel the truth behind all the hiding, and see the truth, which is clear, strong, and feel the beautiful vibration created from that truth, and any truth you see, feel, or create within yourself.

Listening means listening to what’s being said, many times this means hearing beyond what is being said, to what the person really is saying, or trying to manipulate you, etc., and you listen so don’t buy into it. Recognize those people who want to use you, and put them out of your life.

Listening is hearing what is really being said, by a person, who is relying on what is going on within them, or to them. Engage with their truth, and leave their hiders, what they’re using to keep you from seeing the real them, ergo, the many hats they hide behind to keep others from really knowing what their about. Allow them their deceptions, and stay away from them.

As you can listen to those talking to you, you can listen to energy, life energy, water, grass, earth, and more, don’t limit your listening, and your engaging only to people, be more creative than that, listen, hear, reflect, choose and act on the world, and beyond.

Truth is truth; no matter where its found, and no matter how it expresses itself, in known or unknown ways, listen and grow from the experience.

Experience is tuned by listening; experience is better, deeper and more open, so you get the most out of what you know to be true, while others mill around trying to figure out what is meant by the person, who is trying to manipulate them.

Turn away liars and cons, those who are trying to hurt you, or want what you have; listen with ears open, and with your whole bodymind, being, totality, spirit and far, far, far, far beyonds. Trust your feelings.

May the Microcosmic Force be with You!