# 66 Prehnite

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Prehnite is the good of Australia gem, it alleviates past histories, both individual and social, as well as, within a national forming country, in the duality of state and people.

The past is the past, you learn from it and go on. Your ancestors lived their lives, to the beat of their own experiences. These are theirs, not yours, live your life by trusting your feelings, acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

Prehnite- is a connector gem, as well as, generator gem, it works to create a good connection, with all those who are good, and not work, at all, for those, who are doing negativity.

Prehnite- is a social gem, it looks radiant as a necklace, or a broach, or a ring. It helps the person wearing it an easier route to the inner circles, found within the social gatherings, and politics.

Prehnite is a very strong, identifier, backing political structures, actions, and reactions. It works in harmony with the person, etc., who is utilizing its energy, to create a strong presence, in any political shenanigans,

Prehnite is very good in social networks, bringing people together, bringing an assortment of crystals/gems in the same dwelling, office space, etc., in balance, so the space, becomes a safe harbor, for those who live/work there, and anyone else who comes into the space, if they are positive, but won’t work at all, for negative, power hungry people, animals, etc..

Prehnite works at its most energized, when utilize by the Star Kings, Star Queens, and Star Knights, of the Universes.

# 97 Living with work

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(c)   Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Working for others, working with others, many times, isn’t always the most rewarding work possible.

Living at work, where your just an employee, interrelations, boss- worker relationship, bullies at work, pressure at work, and so on, are all ways in which the worker has to deal with- work.

They can be good, for the worker, but usually not, as corporations, and businesses, see workers, as a dime a dozen, and they’re simply machines to do what’s necessary to get the business needs met.

The best answer to this is to study, and buy or start your own business, but then, you have to self-motivated, a boss, who, now, has to deal with their own employees, clients, other businesses, conflict with other businesses, in your same product fields.

None of the above, helps you live daily, make right decisions, gives you a helping hand, when your life energy is down, etc..

There’s an answer, by building a relationship, with the Microcosmic Force. The Microcosmic Force is with you, at any instant, and you can draw life energy from it, when your own energy is faltering, or the pressure/stress gets to be a handicap, in how you run your business, or your life. These are the problems of life, as well as, being in a business, or an employee, within that business.

Study, experience, first hand- the Way of the Jedi, and /or, the Way of the Jedi Knight. Become a member of the Jedi fellowship, or/and the fellowship of the Jedi Knights.

The Microcosmic Force is a true friend, who doesn’t need to be worshiped, it simply wants friendship and love, going both ways.

The Jedi are not worshipers, but are friends of the Microcosmic Force, in fellowship with it. This means you work together on anything you want help on, or if just want to feel its presence.

The Jedi Knight Fellowship, takes what’s found, within the Jedi Fellowship, and works with the Jedi, in learning how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and society’s good points, which Outside is not one of them.

Everyone walks, with the Microcosmic Force, because there’s nothing, which doesn’t touch Microcosmic Force. Individual wholes in touch-contact, with everything, maintaining their support systems, on a daily, 24-7 hours, and beyond a day.

You walk with the Microcosmic Force, whether you’re aware of it or not.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!


# 65 Hambergite

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Hambergite- is a gem rarity, but it has definite healthy aspects, which are good, for all life forms.

Hambergite- in its gem form, is a great help in dealing with many medical, and pyschological problems, found in life species.

Hambergite- is the marriage gem, keep it around, before the marriage, and after in smaller quantities, helps the newlyweds, work through, beginning and new life problems, and enhances, all the love and beautiful moments.

Hambergite- is a musician’s gem, as well, it helps iron out creative problems, when writing a song, helps to know when the song is just right.


# 97 Sibling Rivalry

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016   ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


In blood related families, the dynamic view of the family members, is that of a small group, with tentacles, reaching out to different areas of interest and extended families.

Mother and father, have their problems, and their happiness, and the more children, the more the siblings, may try to gain more attention to themselves, by acting out, or becoming more Outside, orientated.

The parents have to divide their time with each child, to the child’s need of being with a parent. Along with this, is the children’s pecking order, and how well they go along with it.

In a spiritual sense, teaching children the way of the Jedi, gives them a way of dealing with others in their family. They know they aren’t alone. The Microcosmic Force is with them, every single moment of their lives, active/ or active around them.

The Microcosmic Force is aware of each living being, and each aspect of their bodymind, at all times, for, those who work with the Microcosmic Force are never alone, but the Microcosmic Force is with them, each and every day.

Families, who work with the Microcosmic Force ( not worship it ), but know the Microcosmic Force is working in their life, if they want it to, but it touches, everything in life, and beyond.

It especially likes living beings, though, it’s there, for inanimate objects, as well, there’s nothing that isn’t life.

The Microcosmic Force is love, goodness. strength, flowing, works with those who work with it.

Therefore, each family member interacts with each other, but a buffer can be used, the Microcosmic Force, to help in the daily problems and lifestyles of each.

To all families: the Microcosmic Force is with you, here and now!



# 64 Sinhalite

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Sinhalite is the sculptor’s gem; it loves being around any  place or any one who works with earth, stone, wood, water, air, metals, etc..

In other works, this is Nature’s Design, to be in affinity, with sculptors, sculptors workshops, galleries, museums, and so on.

It especially, likes to be around/with naturist, nudists, and sexual excitement, on screen, and in real life. The sexual activity person, who likes to be with one, two, three or more, is a draw to this gem.

It’s especially helpful, in generating sexual excitements, and porno graphic sexual filming, digital DVD.

Porn stars, keep this gem around you, it doesn’t like artificial, substances created by humans, ETs, or anyone else. It works to protect the sexual loving man or woman.

It is the gem of womanhood; the fertility of being a sexual being, who loves to have sex, and equates with the Earth and all of its fertile energies.

#96 You’re right, you have been abducted

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Have missing time, feel like your drugged, when you wake up in the morning, have a dream, where you saw little gray men, felt yourself lifted out of bed, and so on.

You’re right, you have been abducted, and probably, not for the first time, either. You are not alone! I, and others, have gone through this experience, just like you.

We’re only going to be talking about how they take you, in this, spiritual awareness lecture.

We’ve shared some of the ways, you can be abducted, now, let’s go into the more exotic ways: 1. transmat you from your bed, car, etc., to a Searcher Starship, and you aren’t the only one, they pick up more, before going to the Jazz ship, then from there, to the Motherships.

Not all of you go to the same mothership, the ETS, like to make sure there aren’t to many of one species, on a mothership, for security reasons.

2. send a pulse cloud that settles around you, and takes your spirit out of your bodymind, taking you to a Searcher, and put your spirit, into tubes, which will keep you hydrated, with plenty of oxygen.

3. Long distance Creeper, this is an ionized beam, which targets you, and breaks down your physical bodymind, and rebeams, it to the beam’s home origin.

4. Telepathic lightstorm, where light storms around you, and you instantly go away, to a waiting mothership. This is for long distance, pickups.

5 Another is lightning beams, where electrical storms rage about you, and poof you’re gone to a mothership.

This is an introduction to what happens, when you are abducted, this isn’t all the ways it’s done, but it gives you a good idea, of how many ways there are, to pick you up.

Remember this: humans, and other primitives ( ETs have named all races, and planets, who aren’t up their level of technology, as Primitives ), are low borm, light free director, cleans and purifies those abducted.

You are not alone; we stand with you, against the kidnapping of ourselves and others, by ETs.













# 63 Anglesite

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the Out Ryder )

Anglesite is a very funny gem/crystal, why?, because it’s the good humor gem. If you want to cheer up a house, office, business, etc., put one to four of Anglesite in each direction of the compass.

If you only do one area, etc., place it in the center of your establishment, it will make all the humor difference.

Anglesite is a recovery gem, helping in any kind of medical problem, or emergency.

You can carry one, but its not recommended, for others will pick up on the humor, and think you’re dissing them.

Keep one in your car, and allow it to relieve the situation, of the drive, with giving you help, by your sense of humor.

Do not put into any room, or building, where there’s a baby- to a toddler in the home, business, etc..

Anglesite is a very dangerous gem, because it can explode, if the right vibration is tuned into it, but this rarely happens, if you use this gem, make sure you have turquoise, and diamonds, as well.

Anglesite fits in wherever fun, partying, laughter is; it increases the person’s party level, and causes the whole area you’re in, to be more light hearted, and helping in medical problems, and in hospital settings.

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