(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the Out Ryder )

Anglesite is a very funny gem/crystal, why?, because it’s the good humor gem. If you want to cheer up a house, office, business, etc., put one to four of Anglesite in each direction of the compass.

If you only do one area, etc., place it in the center of your establishment, it will make all the humor difference.

Anglesite is a recovery gem, helping in any kind of medical problem, or emergency.

You can carry one, but its not recommended, for others will pick up on the humor, and think you’re dissing them.

Keep one in your car, and allow it to relieve the situation, of the drive, with giving you help, by your sense of humor.

Do not put into any room, or building, where there’s a baby- to a toddler in the home, business, etc..

Anglesite is a very dangerous gem, because it can explode, if the right vibration is tuned into it, but this rarely happens, if you use this gem, make sure you have turquoise, and diamonds, as well.

Anglesite fits in wherever fun, partying, laughter is; it increases the person’s party level, and causes the whole area you’re in, to be more light hearted, and helping in medical problems, and in hospital settings.