(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Sinhalite is the sculptor’s gem; it loves being around any  place or any one who works with earth, stone, wood, water, air, metals, etc..

In other works, this is Nature’s Design, to be in affinity, with sculptors, sculptors workshops, galleries, museums, and so on.

It especially, likes to be around/with naturist, nudists, and sexual excitement, on screen, and in real life. The sexual activity person, who likes to be with one, two, three or more, is a draw to this gem.

It’s especially helpful, in generating sexual excitements, and porno graphic sexual filming, digital DVD.

Porn stars, keep this gem around you, it doesn’t like artificial, substances created by humans, ETs, or anyone else. It works to protect the sexual loving man or woman.

It is the gem of womanhood; the fertility of being a sexual being, who loves to have sex, and equates with the Earth and all of its fertile energies.