(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Have missing time, feel like your drugged, when you wake up in the morning, have a dream, where you saw little gray men, felt yourself lifted out of bed, and so on.

You’re right, you have been abducted, and probably, not for the first time, either. You are not alone! I, and others, have gone through this experience, just like you.

We’re only going to be talking about how they take you, in this, spiritual awareness lecture.

We’ve shared some of the ways, you can be abducted, now, let’s go into the more exotic ways: 1. transmat you from your bed, car, etc., to a Searcher Starship, and you aren’t the only one, they pick up more, before going to the Jazz ship, then from there, to the Motherships.

Not all of you go to the same mothership, the ETS, like to make sure there aren’t to many of one species, on a mothership, for security reasons.

2. send a pulse cloud that settles around you, and takes your spirit out of your bodymind, taking you to a Searcher, and put your spirit, into tubes, which will keep you hydrated, with plenty of oxygen.

3. Long distance Creeper, this is an ionized beam, which targets you, and breaks down your physical bodymind, and rebeams, it to the beam’s home origin.

4. Telepathic lightstorm, where light storms around you, and you instantly go away, to a waiting mothership. This is for long distance, pickups.

5 Another is lightning beams, where electrical storms rage about you, and poof you’re gone to a mothership.

This is an introduction to what happens, when you are abducted, this isn’t all the ways it’s done, but it gives you a good idea, of how many ways there are, to pick you up.

Remember this: humans, and other primitives ( ETs have named all races, and planets, who aren’t up their level of technology, as Primitives ), are low borm, light free director, cleans and purifies those abducted.

You are not alone; we stand with you, against the kidnapping of ourselves and others, by ETs.