(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Prehnite is the good of Australia gem, it alleviates past histories, both individual and social, as well as, within a national forming country, in the duality of state and people.

The past is the past, you learn from it and go on. Your ancestors lived their lives, to the beat of their own experiences. These are theirs, not yours, live your life by trusting your feelings, acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.

Prehnite- is a connector gem, as well as, generator gem, it works to create a good connection, with all those who are good, and not work, at all, for those, who are doing negativity.

Prehnite- is a social gem, it looks radiant as a necklace, or a broach, or a ring. It helps the person wearing it an easier route to the inner circles, found within the social gatherings, and politics.

Prehnite is a very strong, identifier, backing political structures, actions, and reactions. It works in harmony with the person, etc., who is utilizing its energy, to create a strong presence, in any political shenanigans,

Prehnite is very good in social networks, bringing people together, bringing an assortment of crystals/gems in the same dwelling, office space, etc., in balance, so the space, becomes a safe harbor, for those who live/work there, and anyone else who comes into the space, if they are positive, but won’t work at all, for negative, power hungry people, animals, etc..

Prehnite works at its most energized, when utilize by the Star Kings, Star Queens, and Star Knights, of the Universes.