# 71 Dioptase

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Diopatase gem is green, brittle and soft, this makes it a great flaky gem, to put around other gems, adding to their strength and to their ability to protect themselves, from negative influences.

Diopatase is great for building spiritual circles, and then, you sit in the middle of the circle, and meditate, both sitting, and standing.

Diopatase gem is the New Knowledge Way, and sprinkled on a subject, it helps hone in on what it’s about, and how to go about using it or not.

Diopatase- is brilliant when used with other gem powders, when you or someone is doing Earth Powers. It brings in the beautiful emerald color green, meaning all of the environment.

# 102 Our Spiritual Fellowship is built on People Activism

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Self-Genesis Fellowship is built on Will to love, People Activism, Creative Drive and finally, New Definitions in Relationships and Families.

We are socially aware, work to end hunger, war, political upheaval, runaway population growth, environmental activism, peace creation- within each of us, see ETs/UFOs- as the enemy they really are, the finding and share of new knowledge, and utilizing of computers, etc., in communicating, and bringing the world and its people closer together, as Terrans, of the Planet Earth.

We utilize Microcosmic Force  Blessings, when we know of a problem, but its not close by, or the situation is such, that no one can get to it.

The Blessings we use are: Microcosmic Force Blessings, Affirm Blessings ( we use these blessings to work with other religions, )to work to bring people to spiritual growth and reward to situations, of danger, closed mindness, political heavy-handness, family problems, personal problems, worldwide actions, etc., and more.

We utilize psychic/telepathic/spiritual talents, abilities and skills; we teach how to utilize your own psychic energies and designs, to build spirituality in everything you do, to make your whole day into a Microcosmic Force Blessings, and finally, to advocate sexual freedom, with conscious self-action, to make it safe and rewarding.

Our spiritual fellowship, is for all, who are looking to grow within themselves, who are in trouble, who want to grow spiritually, who are in countries, where the government is a dictatorship, and to build the health, happiness, of all those, who want it for themselves/friends/family/bffs.

We welcome you all to EnviroRadiance- Self-Genesis Fellowship, where we share personal experience and network experience of the Microcosmic Force.

Our fellowship, is built on the way of the Jedi/Dream Dancer/Jedi Knight/Jedi Ranger/etc., and they find their way, through the interrelationship between you and the Microcosmic Force.

# 70 Bloodstone and Plasma ( Charcedony )

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson- 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Bloodstone is the sculptor of the use of itself, and kept near a bed, so at night, it can help the blood of the person, build in strength, clearness, and majestic beauty.

Bloodstone, is a good talisman, if worn around the neck, or sewn into belts, vests, etc., keeps the warrior aware of what’s going on around them.

Bloodstone is the gem of the Druids, the leprechauns, and little people energy beings. They use it to strengthen, whatever magic, or potion, they’re making; and brides wore the Bloodstone, indicating purity of spirit, whether the bodymind is or not.

Plasma is the gem of deep color creativity; it’s used to help make what’s being created, into a thing of deep beauty. It is the helper gem.

Plasma is good for insects, it strengthens their bodies, their movements, their blood, but most of all their ability to survive, no matter where they’re at.

Plasma is good for the bride to be, to put it in a drawstring purse or pouch, and carry it with her, until her wedding, and her marriage is done. Take it out and wash it in cold water, then take it out and return it to one of its energy spots, in a park, or something similar.

# 101 Jedi Networks

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson- 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


This experience is going to explain more about the lifestyle, the daily lifestyle of the Jedi, all Jedi.

First, and foremost, our networks are called the Jedi, only on Earth; the ETs refer to us as Primitives, but we all are under the networks of Rowdies Rangers.

The ETs see us as less than-they; they call us Primitives, because they can do anything they want to us, when they kidnap us. We want them to be aware, they’re one way, and we’re another, and our way is going to defeat theirs.

The ETs are our enemies, don’t ever forget that; when they pretend to be our friends, means they’re telepathically pushing us, to accept what their saying.

Anyway, back to the planet Earth, and the Jedi, when we converse in the way of the Jedi, it may seem like we’re extremely serious all the time. Nothing can be farther from the truth! We have found our companionship, our networks, and there are more than one kind of Jedi networks, functions better, when humor is shared, when working together on projects, or on just living.

Just like we say we want humor within our networks, we want seriousness, when called for, but we also want adventure, listening , seeing, knowing, hearing, choosing, and action, within our interrelationships with each other.

In this way, we build strong relationships, among our selves, within our network, and with others in other Jedi Networks, who focus on different aspects of the Jedi.

We network together, but we’re the same, when we’re individually alone, and feeling the planet, we’re respectful, and in companionship, with the Earth, all elements within it, and on it.

We, as Jedi, work and learn, and do psychic, telepathic, spiritual talents, abilities and skills, etc., etc., etc.,etc.. What this means, no matter where we’re at, we can work as individual to individual, and create a touch boundary, where we create Microcosmic Force Life Energy, physically, mentally, and spiritually, it completely  surrounds us. This is true, for everything in all realities, universes, expressions, experiences, etc.. We roll off other Jedi touch contact Microcosmic Force Life Energy Fields; so interaction on the outside can happen, but the moving life energy field, stays reflective of the total of us.

However, even when two or more life energy fields, touch, they don’t touch; the two or more life energy fields, create a buffer zone, between each Microcosmic Force Life Energy Field, so they don’t actually touch, but they move along their side of the buffer zone. It’s here, where communication, and field energy motions and movements, create verbal, bodymind, spiritual communication.

The same holds true for friends, lovers, families, communities, counties states and nations. We interact with each other, and all on Earth, and throughout other realities, etc., by our buffer zones.

Does this mean, we can’t touch each other; not at all, our  buffer zones, are flexible, as is our, Microcosmic Force Life Energy Fields, so lovers can be as close as they want, friends can be to, families, workers and so on.

What judges if it’s okay, for us, to have a connection with someone, our trust in our feelings, creating the Will to Love. We act in the only way we can act to be true to ourselves.

Our Jedi Networks will be all over the Earth, but we’ll be in networks, our trust in our feelings tells us, to be in. No one tells you, you trust your feelings, and act in the only way you can act to be true to yourself, thereby creating the Will to Love, Microcosmic Force, of course.

We create friends, lovers, connections, communications, and more, as Jedi Networks. Planet Earth!

May the Microcosmic Force be with You- right here and now!


# 69 Jasper ( Chalcedony )

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Jasper is the desert gem; it works well, in strengthening attitudes, resolves, determination, strong outlook, when in the desert, or anywhere you need the above, to help you out of a predicament!

Jasper, is the outside sex matings, it brings in desire, lust, and joy at being with each other, and both parties making the sexual experience, a happy experience.

Jasper is the treasure gem- when looking for treasure, put it on your person, then on the spot on a map, you want to go to, or simply write the name of the place you want to go to, and place Jasper, on top of the name on the paper.

Westerner clothes, boots, shoes, etc., are kept in strong shape, by placing Jasper in the chester drawers, of where you keep your clothes, same when you hang them up.

Jasper is the best gem, when wanting to do something new in sexual lovemaking/recreation. It holds you up to help you act, in something you’ve never done before, and helps you experience these experiences, fully and totally.



# 100 The Joy Of Nakedness

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Families, singles, and those in relationships, choose whether to be naked, or to always hide their bodyminds, because of philosophical beliefs, as well as, cultural demands.

EnviroRadiance fully supports those who want to enjoy the freedom of going naked at home, or outside, or in nudist camps.

We prefer calling ourselves Naturists, as the nudist camp, is logged down with rules and regulations.

Families make up their own minds, if they want to practice Naturism, or not. Those who do- love it, and feel free, of social dynamics. Those who wear clothes, feel the same way!

Nakedness is a fashion statement, and is bodymind freedom and health; clothes fashions are worn, too, depending on the person, and the place where they live, in attitude toward Nakedness.

The choice is yours; it can be a daily decision you have to make, or you simply go naked, when you want to, in an area, untouched by the dirty minds, of those, who see nakedness as appalling!

Here at EnviroRadiance we welcome, clothes, or nakedness, and will put services for- clothes only, nakedness only, and clothing options, services to build a great community of open minded people, who allow others the right to dress as they will.


I’ve been working on editing, my seven books, and just finished the seventh book, yesterday.

A great accomplishment for anyone!

Be aware of your accomplishments, and utilize these successes, to build a positive attitude within yourself.!

May the Microcosmic Force be with You- Here and Now!

# 68 Padparascha ( Corundum )

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Padparascha is the sapphire you want with you, in any movement, where fortitude, determination, absolute belief in what you’re doing, mountaineering, war, fighting skirmishes,  it’s the strongest among the gems, when together, it gives way to diamond, but only in what diamonds stand for, in its own areas- it s tops.

Padparascha is rare, but because of its rareness, it s the Jewel of the Foundation, of any project, doing, adventuring, etc.

Padparascha is strength, when worn over the third-eye;, it is wisdom, when worn on the individual finger the individual has to test it out to find the right finger, then he/she/it is given the ability of beauty, form, insight, curves, rounds and more.

Padparascha is the marriage gem, much more than diamonds, for it strengthens love, keeps it strong, over the years, and helps in the birth of strong children, great adventurers to be, and very committed to family, but not at the expense of their own drives, and creations.

Padparascha is the strength upholding of the artist, the writer, the poet, the sculptor, and more. It gives the person, the strength to build their creation, even, if this means, working more hours, than what’s good for the creator

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