(c)   Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  (Zoua, the OutRyder )


Red Beryl is the excitement gem, it is rare, but when found and kept on your person, or within your bedroom, or in another room, it helps the sharer, with maintaining excitement- at life, at doing, and at helping others.

This is the healer gem, and what itself can’t heal, in the hands, of a healer, it makes their healing energy sparkle, and become much more powerful.

Red Beryl is not to be used loosely, for it contains huge amounts of healing/positive/loving/overkill excitement, and has a tendency to bring the person to exhaustion, if not watched.

Red Beryl is very much a gem, for the theaters-playhouses, it helps the audience really attain their excitement about the play; same with circuses, amusement parks, carnivals, and any other place, where they have audiences and thespians, to do the play, with increased happiness and excitement in their roles.