(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Today’s medicine can help a person immensely; there are still diseases, etc., out there they haven’t found cures for.

The medicines, they do find, usually, have a string of side effects, but its up to you to decide to take them or not.

You have a responsibility to your bodymind, to keep it safe and healthy, so if they do have medicine, try it, and if there are too many side effects; they will give you medicine for that, or try another medicine.

Medicine by itself, isn’t enough, sometimes, and here is where the spiritual comes in, where we use prayers, affirmations, Microcosmic Force Blessings Affirmations, Affirm Blessings, meditation, drawing life energy into us, get others to do prayers, affirmations of total healing, for anything wrong, with men, women, and children.

We do the above for ourselves, to; we believe in spiritual healing, energy, life energy, and more.

We can try healers, also, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, touch for health, lei lines, junction points- for lei lines, Chinese medicine, bodymind therapy, work with our Microcosmic Force Flow Centers, and other ways of healing and making the person whole, within the love/life of the Microcosmic Force Super Light Love Life Energy, and any other thing we can come up with or hear about.

Sometimes, the best healing is for the person to go on, and experience the next step, from physical life; we’ the ones,suffering , who has to make this decision.

Euthanasia of those, who are in terminal illnesses, who want to die, so not as to be a burden on the family, needs to talk it over with the family, doctors, nurses, spiritual journeyers, and any one else who they want to talk to, about what they’re trying to decide.

The person, who wants to do the above, is taking responsibility for their decisions about their health, and healthcare.It is his/her choice, especially, when they’re in constant sever pain, and no other medicine can be tried.

The doctors and nurses are trained to try to save lives, no matter what, so they don’t want a person to choose, when their going to die, for there’s always a chance, a new cure, will be found, or they can find the right combination of medicine, to make the pain go away, or at least manageable, and they can work with the rest of the physical/mental problems, as well.

EnviroRadiance stands behind those who want to choose their own way of dying, with dignity and love of themselves, and their families.