(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Padparascha is the sapphire you want with you, in any movement, where fortitude, determination, absolute belief in what you’re doing, mountaineering, war, fighting skirmishes,  it’s the strongest among the gems, when together, it gives way to diamond, but only in what diamonds stand for, in its own areas- it s tops.

Padparascha is rare, but because of its rareness, it s the Jewel of the Foundation, of any project, doing, adventuring, etc.

Padparascha is strength, when worn over the third-eye;, it is wisdom, when worn on the individual finger the individual has to test it out to find the right finger, then he/she/it is given the ability of beauty, form, insight, curves, rounds and more.

Padparascha is the marriage gem, much more than diamonds, for it strengthens love, keeps it strong, over the years, and helps in the birth of strong children, great adventurers to be, and very committed to family, but not at the expense of their own drives, and creations.

Padparascha is the strength upholding of the artist, the writer, the poet, the sculptor, and more. It gives the person, the strength to build their creation, even, if this means, working more hours, than what’s good for the creator