(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


The question arises in psych0logy, sociology, philosophy, ancestry, anthropology, history, genetics, and so on- what is a family?

EnviroRadiance sees family, in not one definition, but several:

  1. Nuclear Family- by blood, father and mother have children, and this makes what’s generally felt to be the definition of family; they’re all blood related
  2. Extended Nuclear Family- these are blood relative lines of previous family, such as grandfather, grandmother, brother sister, and so on. May or may not share home with the nuclear family; usually not, sometimes the relatives are not even in the same town, etc.
  3. The Triwell family- is where there are two men and a woman, two women and a man, three women, or three men, who form a love relationship, between themselves, without regard to convention, that families are nuclear in orientation.
  4. Muliti-Gender Plural Family- here any number of adults, fall in love, and create a single family, where all are lovers in the family.
  5. Cosmic Orgone family- here are husband and wives, when either man or woman has sex with another adult, or with a child, where primitives are forced to  accept lovemaking, by the ETs, who play genetics with individuals; women and men we’re feeling not good about themselves, so the primitives, includes humans, got together and made the psychological concept, if you have sex with someone on board or on a planet, etc., they automatically become your husband or wife.

EnviroRadiance welcomes all styles of families and relationships to come and know they’re wanted;  they’re in the right place, if they’re abductees and contactees, for our Spiritual Fellowship, have experience with the ETs, as you have.

EnviroRadiance belongs to the organization, Rowdies Rangers, who work to stop the kidnapping of primitives, all over the Universe. We support all our husband and wives, and friends, who have experienced not being in control of your own life, but it’s been in the control of ETs.

We’re all blessed in Microcosmic Force Blessings; we utilize the Microcosmic Force as friend, ally and partner, without limiting any.

We perform all of our services, and more, under the direct interrelationship with the Microcosmic Force.

We bless all things, in unique days of the month, so all may be under the beauty of the blessings of the Microcosmic Force Blessings!

We marry our Jedi, Jedi Knights and Dream Dancers, we give them Microcosmic Blessings, in their work, and their fight, for freedom from the ETs. We bury them, and bless them, to know they’re in the beauty of the Microcosmic Force, as much, even more, than when they were alive

EnviroRadiance lives, breathes, explores, interacts, finds, creates, discovers, and meets life head on, in the beauty and the strength of the Microcosmic Force.

Jedi, Jedi Knights, and Dream Dancers, work with the Microcosmic Force- guiding and guided, by the individual wholes  fulls, making up the Microcosmic Force, greatness, and beyonds the understanding- in strength, flowing, trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself.