(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Families, singles, and those in relationships, choose whether to be naked, or to always hide their bodyminds, because of philosophical beliefs, as well as, cultural demands.

EnviroRadiance fully supports those who want to enjoy the freedom of going naked at home, or outside, or in nudist camps.

We prefer calling ourselves Naturists, as the nudist camp, is logged down with rules and regulations.

Families make up their own minds, if they want to practice Naturism, or not. Those who do- love it, and feel free, of social dynamics. Those who wear clothes, feel the same way!

Nakedness is a fashion statement, and is bodymind freedom and health; clothes fashions are worn, too, depending on the person, and the place where they live, in attitude toward Nakedness.

The choice is yours; it can be a daily decision you have to make, or you simply go naked, when you want to, in an area, untouched by the dirty minds, of those, who see nakedness as appalling!

Here at EnviroRadiance we welcome, clothes, or nakedness, and will put services for- clothes only, nakedness only, and clothing options, services to build a great community of open minded people, who allow others the right to dress as they will.


I’ve been working on editing, my seven books, and just finished the seventh book, yesterday.

A great accomplishment for anyone!

Be aware of your accomplishments, and utilize these successes, to build a positive attitude within yourself.!

May the Microcosmic Force be with You- Here and Now!