(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson- 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Bloodstone is the sculptor of the use of itself, and kept near a bed, so at night, it can help the blood of the person, build in strength, clearness, and majestic beauty.

Bloodstone, is a good talisman, if worn around the neck, or sewn into belts, vests, etc., keeps the warrior aware of what’s going on around them.

Bloodstone is the gem of the Druids, the leprechauns, and little people energy beings. They use it to strengthen, whatever magic, or potion, they’re making; and brides wore the Bloodstone, indicating purity of spirit, whether the bodymind is or not.

Plasma is the gem of deep color creativity; it’s used to help make what’s being created, into a thing of deep beauty. It is the helper gem.

Plasma is good for insects, it strengthens their bodies, their movements, their blood, but most of all their ability to survive, no matter where they’re at.

Plasma is good for the bride to be, to put it in a drawstring purse or pouch, and carry it with her, until her wedding, and her marriage is done. Take it out and wash it in cold water, then take it out and return it to one of its energy spots, in a park, or something similar.