(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Uvarovite is best used in small doses, sizes, powders, and inside, in a divine area, you use to do your prayers, etc..

Uvarovite is the step upper, on any prayers, affirmations, of goodness, positiveness, negative positive.Uvarovite is best placed in your area of spirituality, psychic, telepathic, spiritual circles, which increase the high energy in whatever you want to do.

Uvarovite is the Disciple Gem, and it resonates to all religions, who practice positive circles, and does not treat others as enemies, and want to destroy them.

Uvarovite is great to put on headstones, of a loved one, and you say your prayers or affirmations, and it goes directly to God, your higher spirit, and so on.

Uvarovite is great to add great strength to prayers and affirmations, no matter where you say them. Hold it in your hands, and run your fingers over it, as you do your prayers or affirmations, in true humbleness, of the Ear of God, Ear of Self-Genesis, and so on.

Uvarovite is the gem of spiritual harmony, love, action, discipleness, spiritual growth, peace, romance, harmony, and the doings of Great Deeds and Things.

Uvarovite needs to be washed in cold water, weekly, preferably in the day, and dry it with a white, green or yellow towel.