(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


The Fire Agate, has many uses, and is one of the most adaptable in workings of/with life.

Fire Agate is used not for fire, as you might think, but to bring out the calling of Peace within you.

Fire Agate is best used, when angry, and it’s energy is to douse the fire of anger, and bring about a state of okayness.

Fire Agates can be used to increase any spiritual action, of a totally positive nature, and works well with astrological charts, by putting it into the middle circle.

Fire Agate is the dragonstone, and is used for hot oratorical actions, speaking and discourse. It is also the philosopher stone.

Fire Agate is powerful when used with prayers, affirmations and love building, and giving true love away.

Fire Agate is great, when left around movie/tv/etc. sets where great creativity is going on, same for the publishing world.

Fire Agate helps creators to come up with new ideas, expand on ones thought of, and build the light to be able to bring it into physical/mental/spiritual fruitation!