(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the Outryder )

What is the cause of wars, people hurting or killing other people- visual incompletion. What this means- they see themselves incomplete unless they have something or somethings, they desire, and they are willing to do anything to have it.

They visualize what they could have, or they’ve lost, rather than focusing on the here and now, and what it’s going to take to accomplish their drive toward visual completion.

This visual incompletion, can be something far beyond their reach, so they are angry, and turn their anger outward, or inward, so they are willing to hurt people, or do whatever it takes, to make them feel better.

Visual incompletion is the cause of bad decisions, seeing a need wrongly, and seeing others, who are standing in the way of what they or you want to get for yourself. Therefore, they’re in the way, and you work to take them out in anyway you can, including murder.

The other visual incompletion is groups, when they do fall into the fallacy of group think, in which, the members of the group, try to keep bad news, etc., from the leader, or they try to please him or her, and therefore agree with him/her, and compound their bad decision-making.

Visual incompletion is the cause of war, where the combatants are not getting the power, the money they know they deserve, as well as, the power in the world they want to be.

To try to make this visual incompletion, to visual completion, they posture, do violence, etc., to bring to them, followers, who want to have the visual completion, as much as they do.

Here in lies the deconstruction of rationality, into illogical and violence based decisions, for the person lacking what they see- they should have, works on them, until they can get the power they need to make this into a war/violence reality, and those in the way are disposed of criminally.

Focus on the here and now, make your visual viewing or what is good for you, or what you think is good for you, discipline your visual completion, to not fall into negative wishing, for what you visualize as you are entitled to.

You are the General of you- lead wisely, and don’t fall into the trap of visual incompletion.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you!