(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Sillimanite is a dimensional gem; it allows the person wearing it, holding it, to see the dimensional doorways, leading not only to other dimensions, universes, but what is reflecting in the overall health of the person being viewed.

Sillimanite is the gem of the exploratory actions, of utilizing it to bring into total light, all that a person may be connected to, known or unknown.

Sillimanite is the fibre, that works within all realities, and is a strong gem, to help have positive dreams.

Sillimanite is the occult gem, in that its lines within the rocks it inhabits, are the lines which match the energy of the Microcosmic Flow Centers, and within the psychic understanding of what they all stand for.

Sillimite is also the fantasy/sci-fi gem, in that its presence, helps writers, etc., to come up with exciting stories, art, TV, Radio, etc., to bring happiness and interest in the creativity of those who vibrate with the beauty and creativity of the Sillimanite.