(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Tarot cards are a reflection of the persons inner life flow, what’s happening outside of them, and what’s their best interest informational

The main way to read, for many decades, is the Celtic method: where you lay out the cards like a cross, and the beginning card, which is in the middle of the cross to be, stands for you.

First, you can put a symbol of you, within the reading, or you can pick a card to symbolize what’s going on in your life, ergo, the reading is geared to answer that question, but can, also, g0 beyond that, and give you more paths to go down, or expand on the one you wanted to know about. So….the first card, you layout on the direction card ( you or some other card symbolizing what you want to know about ), next you lay out a card on its side, this is what is crossing whatever you’re looking into, then you go to the right, and lay out a card right side up, but it can be an upright symbol, or it can be upside down ( this is what helps the reader to know what is going on with you, then you place a card to the left of middle, and this is what is leaving your life, then you beyond the future card, and starting at the bottom, you place out four cards, from bottom to top, first card is what you feel about the subject, the second card above it, is what the environment wants you to know, the next card is your feelings on the matter, and finally the last card, is the outcome card.

This is the Celtic method! You start your reading, usually, with the card laid out above the center card, and then from there you take each card in turn.

This is the usual way, but the reading says how it wants to be read, so if you feel you need to start at another card’s position, go to it.

Feel what the cards are saying to you, about what’s going on in the client’s life, others the client loves, and so on.

Enjoy your readings!