(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Jet is not a mourning organic, but in fact is, an organic, who works quickly, with jet like speed; it works wonders, when put into any moving apparatus, etc.

Jet needs to be put on every aircraft, for it can help the pilot and passangers to survive a crash.

Jet in powdered form, is best used as a powder to spread over what needs spiritual intunement, but can do the same as a powder, to put around your rooms, and especially, where you sleep.

Jet is a discover organic, in that it vibrates, to goodness, and is still,. when near negativity, as long as the negativity, isn’t attacking its partnere. If it is, then Jet attacks with martial arts style, turning the movement forward, against the attacker, and chases away the negativity, or transforms it, here and now.

Jet is good in powder or chunk form, around swimming pools, and swinmming spots. It protects the user of each.

Jet is good to have around newborns, and young childrer, it helps them to develop in all ways, including psychic and telepathic.

Jet is good to have as a powder on your garden.