(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Our inner consciousness works on the only act you can do to be true to yourself. Our inner consciousness state is based on trust your feelings, and by doing this, you work in truth.

Our inner center, home of our inner consciousness, does not work in egoship, but in trust your feelings, about the world you live in, and want to know how best to go about doing, so you live, breathe, love and have fun, with the context of your inner center, being your guiding light.

This means learning to feel, and listening to, what your inner center is telling you. You have to be able to have silence, so you can hear what your inner center is trying to tell you or help you with.

Your inner center is found within the consciousness of the bodymind, and has a direct feeling impressions, with the inner center of your entire, bodymind, and spirit.

You are a single whole, bodymind, which includes the spirit, though, it does everything in its power, to be left out of the daily living of the bodymind.

The spirit is eternally optimistic, about what its physical reflections, can do, so when it develops a life plan, for the current living bodymind, it puts in things, which will hurt or kill the reflection, because the spirit knows the bodymind can handle the threats, etc..

The spirit resists becoming involved in what the bodymind is doing, experiencing and building. It is a watcher, mainly until your inner center consciousness, makes it come into balance, with what’s going on, within each person’s, daily life.

We find our inner center by: 1. trust, 2. trusting our feelings, 3. trust and do, 4. let go of all the static between you and your inner center, 5. express what it’s telling you through creativity, so you feel what is being said, and turn it into a work of creativity.

The inner center draws to you that which is good for you, tells you, if this is a good action or not, flows your psychic, telepathic and spiritual talents, abilities and skills.

One of its greatest assets is Persuasions and Designs, ( I first saw this in a book by Zenda Henderson, about the People ).

These are the builders of what you want to accomplish, and are found in tandem, with the inner center consciousness, driving you to accomplish your goals, your truth and your wholeness/fullness actions.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!