(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Coral is different, from gems made from rocks, it’s made by tiny creatures, who live in communities, die, and coral is born.

Coral helps with living things, opportunities, and designs, in each living forms quest to live the best life they can.

Coral is the organic, that is the highest purity to life and individual life, especially, individuals. It works with groups, if all have coral, and are a domain, but it isn’t as strong, as if, the coral is working with an individual.

Coral is good for seeing honesty, truth, and persuasions and designs, along with psychic readings, telepathic actions, and spiritual intunement and doing.

Coral is the best in any color, but those, who would try to force a color on them, that’s a definite no-no!

Coral make excellent life tailsmen, but this must be in tune with the wearer, so don’t think any coral will work for you, for it won’t, and only if it feels  you’re in tune with it.

Think of coral as a matrix of living colors: red, white, blue, green and crystal white, the main colors of the primal universes, and resonates best, with the living beings within the universes

Pick your coral by trusting your feelings; don’t take a near to energy you both want, it has to be clear, pure and resonating to you, and you, to it.

Coral makes persuasions and design, when you have need of them, but works in tangent with you, to make the co-operative interaction, true, honest and trustworthy.