(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016


We’ve looked at the unconscious, but now with discovery, we have added to the levels found within the total unconscious/subconscious

First lever- is the subconscious, which records your plans, interests and protections thaa allow you to live by remote control, and not have to search, for these habits, attitudes, and so on. The subconscious is the regulator of those things you do over and over, so its a habit, and it is the first to try to put new information, into one of its habit category, through habitual informational scanning,  and if not it allows it to pass on, for its not habitual yet.

The second level is the processor, who takes the information passed on by the subconscious, and chooses to make it into a new category or not. The choice is whether there are similar information already under study, for categorization, or another label,  if there is, this makes the choice, of where to put it easier, so we call this level . The Processing stage.

The third level of the under consciousness, is where, the new habits, categories are put into a holding stage, to see if this is going to be something used often, thus bec0mes a daily habit, of the person you are exploring the conscious of. This is the land of new information , to see if its daily functional or not. This stage is the open look at new information

The fourth level is the unconscious, which is where ideas, creativity. lifestyling, doing what interests the person, what is new information, the person may have cruised, without really deciding to keep or not. This is the final Creative Stage.

The fifth direction is the spirit itself, and it works with the unconscious to carry out its life plan it developed for you, to follow, so its a preplan, without awareness of the limitation of the soul, going into the bodymind, so the unconscious sees if the person is following the plan or not, if their not, then the unconscious, starts showing the person, they aren’t doing what their suppose to, via the spirit’s life plan, for them.

Yet, its the level where  transformation of the spirit’s life plan can be done, as the person, studies, learns new things, do discoveries, etc., making an new plan idea, different from the spirit’s life plan. The spirit creates this plan with rose covered glasses, which creates an active symbol, to make the person go the way of the plan. This means the deadly experiences, which can or could make the person die, is programmed into the life plan.

The life plan is a deadly plan, with no consideration to the soul-person health and welfare.

You must dump the life plan, of all things, that are hazard to your life and health.

May the Force be with you here and now!

Microcosmic Force  here and now, transforms this plan, by acting in the only way they can act to be true to themselves.