(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the Out Ryder )


Dravite is the gem of driving, a vehicle, a golf ball, a basketball, volleyball, and so on, in otherwords, this gem is a sports driven gem.

Dravite watches over those who play sports, with balls. It feels itself as the best bet to cover the contestant’s health/welfare, and protect them from spectators, who get to excited, and cause problems.

Dravite is an excellent protection from criminal activity againstyou, industrial espionage, international crime organization, international crooked politicians.

Dravite, is excellent to take on airplanes, jets, hot ballons, bicycles, motorcycles, sportscar, and so on.

Dravite in powdered form, is good to have in gym bags, golf bags, and so on.

Dravite is to be carried on the person; it doesn’t work as well, if not on the person.