(c) Terry Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Telepathy is the big sister, to psychic talents, abilities and skills. Telepathy is for long range action, but it can be used short range, as well. Most of the time, you can use psychic avenues, and telepathic avenues, interchangeability.

Today, we’re going to speak on long distance, and riding the telepathic com-waves. Telepaths/psychics, can go into their higher consciousness and tune into the Telepathic Highway- the communication area, for telepaths to use, and be aware, other messages are going around, at the same time.

What keeps the  com-waves, separate, and not dirting, the communication message, feeling, etc.? To put it simply, your or someone else message won’t be in the same place, because each telepath is unique, so their forms of communication, are unique to the Telepathic Inner core/vibration, which no one can touch, involve, or try to harm, in some way.

Telepathic communication can be public, or personal, and personal com-waves, are hidden by the command to be so, said by the telepath, so the com-wave will act as he/she wants.

One of the surprises, of the Telepathic Highway, is that it isn’t just for people,  but for animals, plants and  supposed- non-living beings.

The Telepathic Highway, is heavily used, for not only telepathic messages, but to create from what is said or seen between telepathic users.

Human beings started by the intensity of the planet, for a better form of individual, so  telepaths came together, formulated a new type of human being, to placate the planet.

.Think of this telepathic creation(s), as: 1. design the blueprint, 2. go over it, to see if everything is included, build a prototype, out of form design ( like 3D photographing), then build in the innerards, then the outers, then, ready the creation, for Life Energy  Generating Creation.

These telpaths, then leave, and in time go back to find a fully created,, living being, how life is given, is a mystery, and telepaths like it to be a mystery. They work to help the planets, the universes and the beyonds; thoughts in the beyond, show the help is turned around, for the beyond helps the Telepaths in their creative energies forms, which have linear form, but no substance, so the life-giving is a special ceremony, and they leave their diagram linear form, to be brought to life by the Finisher, no one knows, or cares, who the Finisher is.

The living form, is usually different than the diagram linear form, so the life giving is new for the Telepaths as well.

The finished life form, is then placed in creation sleep, until the right time for the new beings, to take their place, on the planet, so the timing must match the creators, the finisher, the planet, the solar system, the galaxy the Universe, and Beyonds.

Sounds overwhelming doesn’t it; but only if you do mundane, linear time lines, and the Telepaths do not, they work in chaos, and bring out of chaos, with a here and now, non-linear being.

Who’s the one who see the right here and now experience, to put the new being, down on the spot it would/will do the planet best.

By trusting your feelings, and acting in the only way you can act to be true to yourself, and by doing this, you do what is best for the new being, and place it, exactly in the best spot for it to show up.

The planet, then starts the new beings education and training, usually in an oasis, so beauty is around them, while training/schooling, and they either enjoy it, or they don’t, where they’re taken out of this environment, and into a harsher one, where they work, school, and gather knowledge, by telepathy, and by personal experience.

The educating in the oasis, has never been the last step, only the beginning, the rest is through environmental adaptation, develop psychic/telepathic/spiritual insight, but this is left to the beings to work out for themselves, though, if they have questions, the Telepaths will usually answer them, but they won’t do the work, for them.

This is how new beings show up on a planet, and how they’re readied to live physically telepathically and spirituality, with the understanding- they must decide for themselves, how to utilize each.

The Telepathic is another archive and is free from the Askhaic Records, though they’re both archives of everything that goes on in the living of the beings of a planet, and stands as a way to find the way to your Higher Microcosmic Force  Life that has been lived, living now, and will live in the creative energy of the future. All creative futures, and designed, to happen, but not in stone, if the person, etc., can go higher than what he/she is at the moment, in awareness, and living, then the future transforms  to this new understanding; all lives, that encirle You, the ultimate being, which is you.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you here and now!