(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson,2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Rutile is a time period gem, and the time period, is the art period- Art Deco; Rutile is the artistic gem, that vibrates to Art Deco.

What this means- it works best with clear, clean lines, of movement, etc., thus is helpful, for diseases, which are erratic, where the cool lines of the Rutile gem/crystal, force the erratic, into cool, clean lines of clearness and beauty, and strong health vibration.

Rutile is stimulation in the clear ways of the artistic, the creative mind, and bodymind.It’s good to have around any where where doing is involved, where point and line is necessary ( like in architectural drawings ), to be clear and unquestionable guide, seeing, understanding.

Rutile is good to have around when, any new knowledge is being learned, and the way to put it in the best light/way, to be understood.

Rutile is good to have around, when any medical surgery is needed, so the surgeon, does clear, cut lines, and sees what needs to be done clearly.