(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua: the OutRyder )


UFO Abductees have many trials and tribulations, one of the most damaging interactions, an abductee has to go through is becoming a section of the Great Library, which the ETs use as a way to put backup knowledge, and all about the person, they have abducted, along with their genetic breakdown, and those, who are within the same section of the Great Library, ergo, those within a certain geographical area, same schools, same jobs, have relatives in this area, and so on.

One of the most continuous used section is the scientific results on experiments, run on the abductee. This includes: 1. genetics experimentation, 2. generation genetics, 3. social structures, 4. knowledge known, and retained, 5. sexual partners, from one to many, 6. they are constantly, looking over results, looking for the particular genomes, which will answer there desire to find the genomes, within their subjects, that will give them eternal life, and more 7. the results of virtual reality experimentation, on planned environments, 8. results of sexual partnering and interactions, in all combinations of sexual activity, 9. the results of scenarios, planned and put into effect, in areas of the Mothership, where they can have their abductees go through actual scenarios planned out by ETs or by other races, or by other humans, usually by hypnosis.

The Great Library is for the ETs interactive research on a daily, etc.basis. It is also way to create Freshies, meaning the abductee family, relatives, friends, etc. become sections of the Great Library.