(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016 ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Scapolite is the gem of mysteries, it helps in exploring other realities,  ufo phenomena, psychic/telepathic/spiritual knowledge, is the gem of Askhaic Records, it is a catseye to realities behind realities, experiences, and more.

Scapolite is the gem of drawing and writing of art and literature, from sci-fi to the classics, the catseye, again, helping the creatives, to find their inspiration!

Scapolite is the woman’s gem, and it helps in all areas of her life and lifestyle, and helps in medical needs, as well.

Scapolite is drawn to Egyptian cats, and Siamese cats; but it is drawn toward women and works best with them. Men could use it limitedly, but not for long.

Scapolite is a telepathic communication device, which watches over women’s safety and health. If it feels, the woman isn’t feeling well, or is being attacked in any way, it bonds with other gems, to bring to the rescue what is needed to help the woman to help themselves.