# 85 Axinite

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder  )


Axinite is the favorite gem of Loki, god of trouble, and it has to fight this nature to be the gem, to be used on healing sticks, etc.

Axinite in healing with the gem, is placed on, or preferably above the one in need of healing, then the gems are destroyed, and are splintered easily, because of their brittleness.

Axinite is the gem to use to break up the leftovers of a bad romance, marriage, etc., put on a piece of paper, the ones to be unbound, and then destroy the gem.

Axinite is, also, used to break up bad thoughts of one on oneself. Have person see the reflection of the bad areas, they see within themselves, and have them destroy the gem.

Axinite is a gem, for the beginning naturist, nudist, etc., so their fears, etc., are transformed by the busting of the gem.

Axinite is used by those who see themselves in magic, but Axinite isn’t a low level gem, when being used, and it only wants pure love and doing, try anything else, and it simply won’t work, or it will send what you try to put into it, into the ground.

# 116 Getting things to fulfill us

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016 ( Zoua, the OutRyder )

We are taught to want things, which will make us happy, fulfill us, or make us one up on those around us. The name of this drive is competition, and self-pleasure.

Competition in the Outside is the sport idea of competition, you compete against someone, something, or against yourself, so you know you are the best you can be.

Winning means we have glory, pride, and happiness over beating others; we don’t want to collaborate, we want to go for the jugular, and beat our competition down. This is a heavy negative of the Outside.

This is a picture of self-reward, and self-pleasure; other ways people compete with each other: 1. who has the best auto, 2. who cooks the best, 3. who plays games the best, 4. who has the best sounds equipment, 5. and so on.

All of this is to make others jealous, and wishing they were you, but they can’t be for you’re one of kind in your fields of living, no one is as good as you.

What does this psychology build: war, death, destruction, negative work places, anger, crime, self-pleasure, at being the best, and so on.

The Outside uses this to hook you into putting your inner center, out in things you cannot control, even if you can for a time, in the end, the Outside not only makes others miserable, but the winner, as well, for they lose to someone better.

The Outside is all things that are done outside of you, and that wants to draw you in, so you spend your precious experiences, in trying to control the actions of the Outside, geared to build riches, and to have power over others.

The Outside is allure, of the pleasures to be found in the interactions of the paradigms running in the Outside, or patterns, which make you put your inner center, in playing the game, and the more you try to win and have total control of the game, the more of you- you  put into it, so you’re simply a pawn, a disposable pawn of the Outside. This is King of the Hill complex.

The more of you- you put into the game, the only happiness you have, is if you win in the game, and you’re continually staking our new expansions, where you can win or lose within the game.

All those games, hooked into the Outside, which may attack yours, and make the game your playing subservient to it; now, you are split in psychology, the more you lose, the more you turn inward, blaming yourself, for not being good enough. You don’t see that you are caught up in the corrupting influence and demand of the Outside, all the games etc., being played, by people, who believe they have command of the game, the Outside, and the Outside lets you/them believe this- until it reverses what you won, and makes you a slave to it.

Getting things, rewards, honors from a competitive psychology, means you isolate yourself, to only what is right for you matters, and even when you play with others, your first thought is how it will effect you and your winning streak.

Let go of the need to win in competition, and build interactive scenarios, where everyone, wins, or gets out of the action, what they see as good for them.

May the Microcosmic Force, be with you here and now!



# 84 Barite

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016 ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Barite is the gem of water, and flows, of any substance, for it guides, and is guided by such streams. It is the gem of technology, for it represents and guides data flow, and so on.

Barite is the gem of water healing, and energizes any water to be a healing substance, a caller outer of unknown disease, and lacks.

Barite as a colorless gem is the star streams of the Universes, Realities and Dimensions, so when doing spiritual work, and want to have a way to make a stronger contact, this is the gem to use.

Barite is the gem of naturism, nudism, sexual affinites, movements, making love, and the enjoyment of going naked anywhere, anytime.

Barite is the gem of irrigation, and utilizing water to its best degree, it is the gem of healthy crops, and growths.

Barite is the gem of alignment with a spiritual intuning, of a chooser to follow this type of spiritual/psychic/telepathic method/way. In main religions, this is called baptism.

Barite is the joy of sexual union, the joy of consumation, and the overlooking of pregnancy, child birth, and the mother, who is going through it.

# 115 Sexual Harmonics

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


To begin, sexual harmonics are beautiful, if seen in the aura, they are strong, vibrant, wide, and vibratory rhythms, which guide/drive/involve you in your sexual arrangements. They are different colors, going from vibrant orange, to dark black, but black is not dark, but can be an indicator, something is wrong with the sexual harmonics flow, width, length, rhythms, and so on.

Sexual harmonics are the life energy of the aura, but also, from the total being, showing up in your sexual harmonics. Color is the indication, how healthy or not healthy your over all sexual harmonics ( bodymind ) is.

Life energy is the life patterns of movement, rhythms, ergo, bodymind music, from rock and roll, to ancient rhythms, still flowing through your bodymind aura, etc.

In the beginning, you created yourself as an expression of a limitation, where you could have conversations, highs/lows, love/hate, and experiences, which relates to the bodymind life pattern created by your spirit, when it/you’re wearing rose colored glasses, showing/believing you can do anything, so nothing is off the board of life.

Sexual harmonics are the want, the drive, the satisfaction, the encouragement to experience, and experience drives what you want to accomplish, ergo, your spirit’s plan, or your work to transform that life pattern, to one within reason, and there to help you grow and experience.

Sexual harmonics are the colors of the 5 color rainbow, and others, by limited offshoots of these five: red, blue, yellow, green and crystal white. Orange is a fine color, vibration, rhythm.

Turquoise is another great offshoot color, so turquoise jewelry, etc., is worn, when it’s necessary to express something of a spiritual nature within you!

Shades of colors, indicate the strength of the color, and something’s not right, within the color, which can/has to be worked out in a transparent way.

Different colors are stronger, for different persons/bodyminds, so one person may be drawn to yellow, and then later be drawn to blue, color strengths can change, indicating growth or loss within the person’s life.

Another vibrant offshoot color is earth brown, earth brown is the color of Earth Rhythms, going beyond the physical-mental into psychic/telepathic/spiritual adventures.

You protect yourself with Microcosmic Force Crystal White Light Love Life Energy, and wrap it or it wraps itself around your Microcosmic Force Blessing Strength Color.

Yellowish green is the color of needed to be healed. It’s also the color of grass and sand, ergo, forest leading up to desert, and vice versa.

Your elemental charts or cards, use the five elements of Chinese Herbal Healing; the lines of the I Ching, the elements of the nine planets with the area of spaces between them, and finally the bodymind, a whole, singluar experience incarnation.

And finally the wood, etc., which incorporates all the five colors within/on it, to where the doer, feels they need to be put, how wide, and how the color goes: straight, wave, darker, lighter or it can be done by using color stones, to be one of the colors and throw them, and use this method- to create your Peace/Firestorm Blaze of Truth.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!


# 83 Colorless Orthoclase

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(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Colorless Orthoclase- is a weirding gem, in other words, it attracts magic energy, and haes the dank; so it’s a gem, which is good for masters, white lighters, and those who are not spiritual, but are moral, to use, in their arts.

Colorless Orthoclase- is good for staffs, walking sticks, canes, and put on silver, it rings the person, who has it, with a magic net, drawing good energy to them, but it isn’t a warrior gem, it’s a healer gem, and a gem- used to make new discoveries.

Healers can use it as a solid, powder, or as a liquid, but it must never pass the lips of those being healed, for its strength is such, it will put them into a deep trance, that only a tried and true healer can get them out of.

# 114 The Fun of Action Films

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(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )


Action films are a lot of fun, because it gets you to let go of anger, get exhilarating feeling of being the star of the movie, and know you’re going to win in the end. Action films allow us to let go and enjoy ourselves, and enjoy the story as well.

Hollywood loves rewrites; they may have several screenwriters write over the same plot or rather the film, till they feel it’s right, and the audiences will get into them, and feel, for the characters, or hiss at the bad guys or girls. They get involved in the story, and forget the little things in the story screen, which are glitches

Action books and films, are looking to draw you in and make you be in the show- being shown on the screen or on the page, to give you a way to get involved, in not only the story, but with the characters, and their plots, subplots, and so on.

Along with this, of course, is the making or the continuing of film stars, new upcoming film stars, sets, designs, productions, and so on.

Action films are much more than a film, they are an adventure, in which, the audience can get behind, because of the story, the characters, and the stars of the show.

When you go to the movies, have fun and enjoy yourself in the theater, and what’s happening on the screen.


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