(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016  ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


To begin, sexual harmonics are beautiful, if seen in the aura, they are strong, vibrant, wide, and vibratory rhythms, which guide/drive/involve you in your sexual arrangements. They are different colors, going from vibrant orange, to dark black, but black is not dark, but can be an indicator, something is wrong with the sexual harmonics flow, width, length, rhythms, and so on.

Sexual harmonics are the life energy of the aura, but also, from the total being, showing up in your sexual harmonics. Color is the indication, how healthy or not healthy your over all sexual harmonics ( bodymind ) is.

Life energy is the life patterns of movement, rhythms, ergo, bodymind music, from rock and roll, to ancient rhythms, still flowing through your bodymind aura, etc.

In the beginning, you created yourself as an expression of a limitation, where you could have conversations, highs/lows, love/hate, and experiences, which relates to the bodymind life pattern created by your spirit, when it/you’re wearing rose colored glasses, showing/believing you can do anything, so nothing is off the board of life.

Sexual harmonics are the want, the drive, the satisfaction, the encouragement to experience, and experience drives what you want to accomplish, ergo, your spirit’s plan, or your work to transform that life pattern, to one within reason, and there to help you grow and experience.

Sexual harmonics are the colors of the 5 color rainbow, and others, by limited offshoots of these five: red, blue, yellow, green and crystal white. Orange is a fine color, vibration, rhythm.

Turquoise is another great offshoot color, so turquoise jewelry, etc., is worn, when it’s necessary to express something of a spiritual nature within you!

Shades of colors, indicate the strength of the color, and something’s not right, within the color, which can/has to be worked out in a transparent way.

Different colors are stronger, for different persons/bodyminds, so one person may be drawn to yellow, and then later be drawn to blue, color strengths can change, indicating growth or loss within the person’s life.

Another vibrant offshoot color is earth brown, earth brown is the color of Earth Rhythms, going beyond the physical-mental into psychic/telepathic/spiritual adventures.

You protect yourself with Microcosmic Force Crystal White Light Love Life Energy, and wrap it or it wraps itself around your Microcosmic Force Blessing Strength Color.

Yellowish green is the color of needed to be healed. It’s also the color of grass and sand, ergo, forest leading up to desert, and vice versa.

Your elemental charts or cards, use the five elements of Chinese Herbal Healing; the lines of the I Ching, the elements of the nine planets with the area of spaces between them, and finally the bodymind, a whole, singluar experience incarnation.

And finally the wood, etc., which incorporates all the five colors within/on it, to where the doer, feels they need to be put, how wide, and how the color goes: straight, wave, darker, lighter or it can be done by using color stones, to be one of the colors and throw them, and use this method- to create your Peace/Firestorm Blaze of Truth.

May the Microcosmic Force be with you, here and now!