(c)  Terry Floyd Johnson, 2016 ( Zoua, the OutRyder )


Barite is the gem of water, and flows, of any substance, for it guides, and is guided by such streams. It is the gem of technology, for it represents and guides data flow, and so on.

Barite is the gem of water healing, and energizes any water to be a healing substance, a caller outer of unknown disease, and lacks.

Barite as a colorless gem is the star streams of the Universes, Realities and Dimensions, so when doing spiritual work, and want to have a way to make a stronger contact, this is the gem to use.

Barite is the gem of naturism, nudism, sexual affinites, movements, making love, and the enjoyment of going naked anywhere, anytime.

Barite is the gem of irrigation, and utilizing water to its best degree, it is the gem of healthy crops, and growths.

Barite is the gem of alignment with a spiritual intuning, of a chooser to follow this type of spiritual/psychic/telepathic method/way. In main religions, this is called baptism.

Barite is the joy of sexual union, the joy of consumation, and the overlooking of pregnancy, child birth, and the mother, who is going through it.